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Halloween, aladin, Nightmare before christmas, edward scissorhands, batman, corpse bride, star wars, indiana jones, doom, nightmare on elm street, sound of music, phantom of the opera, cats, mulan, mulan 2, beauty and the beast, rush hour, rush hour 2, tomb raider, madagascar, fantastic four, cinderella, cinderella 2, charlie and the chocolate factory, the incredibles, x-men, x-men 2, monty python and the holy grail, shrek 2, zorro, interview with a vampire, lord of the rings, i robot, van helsing, terminator, star wars, kicking and screaming, men in black, men in black 2, madagascar, the fog, the return of the king, the two towers, electra, xxx, who framed roger rabbit, the mummy, the return of the mummy, the scorpion king, blazing saddles, the emperors new groove, krunk's new groove, aladin and the king of thieves, the grudge, toy story, toy story 2, chicago, the little mermaid, lilo and stitch, the jungle book, hercules, song of the south, tarzan, 101 dalmations, scooby-doo, scooby-doo 2 monsters unleashed, quest for camelot, simon birch, the lion the witch and the wardrobe, it, misery, dreamcatcher, rose red, storm of the century, the matrix, flubber, halloween 5, candyman, hellraiser, amityville horror, freddy's dead the final nightmare, night of the living dead, an american werewolf in paris, the silence of the lambs, the birds, nightmare on elm street 4 the dream master, halloween: the curse of mike myers, the omen, poltergeist, day of the dead, the exorcist, last holiday, underworld, underworld revolution, high school musical, the dark prince: the true story of dracula, double jepardy, shawshank redemption, the lost boys, return of the living dead 3, army of darkness, day of the dead, route 666, resident evil, house of the dead 2, krunk's new grove, land of the dead, the libertine, the rocky horror picture show, the labyrinth, rose red, the shining