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March 25, 2010

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The New Year

so for those of you who dont know, i'm transferring to MTSU next year. theres really not much to say about whats been goin on. break was enjoyable but now its over and its back to classes. speakin of which...heres my schedule:


8-9:50 design I

10-10:50 Psychology



9:30-10:45 college algebra

12:30-1:45 English comp II


so thats about it


whats up in your lives?

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it was never part of my plans to end things

i thought we could make it work.

i tried.

you didnt.


you said u still liked me.

but never bothered to follow through with actions

out of all the many days did i call you?

that you didnt call me.


how many times was i willing to tell you everything

when you told me nothing?

how many unanswered messages where i tried to get an answer?


i dont even understand what happened...

we started perfectly.

you were amazing.

youd call to say goodnight

say sweet things to me

talk to me

you even stayed on the phone with me when i was sick.


and then...

you were busy.


not a minute to spare.

not even to call to say good night


there was no reassurance

no light at the end of the tunnel

no light reflecting off the dark clouds above.

all was dark

no hope to come.

i put faith in you

you broke it in two.


it's like you didnt care about me the way you once did.

yet...i was still the one to say the words

"we need to take a break"

you shouldve been the one to say the words.

not me


now the memories feel like dreams

an untouchable dream

that you run towards

but never get to


now im here alone.

but who knows where you are.

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sleep deprivation

that seems to happen in college. specially if you still procrastinate....


so i got about 3 and a half hours last night.


mainly cuz i hung out with friends for hours and  then finally started on my english essay....

and now i have to do physics.

cuz as long as i get half of it done i pass.


i say....lets make todays random day give beth a hug day. ( :

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leave me a thought

random thought day.... leave me a random thought



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labor day

so i went home for labor day, it was pretty great. got to hang out with tyler. ( :

speakin of which...i cant change my relationship status still. hmmm

oh well. as long as i know. lol

the only bad part of course was friday night when i got into a wreck but no one was hurt so its all good.

today was crazy busy. as are all mondays and wednesdays. fridays not so much.


tuesdays and thursdays are amazing

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