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September 12, 2010

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i love shopping! 4wheeling dirtbikes camping snowboarding riding horses manicures(of corse doesnt every girl!!!) bowling movies and basically just hanging around with my friends


Rap, hiphop, country, sometimes i like heavy metal(depends on my mood)


Benchwarmers, material girls, titanic, 1 missed call, alvin and the chipmunks, pirates of the carribean 1, 2, and, 3 spider man 1, 2, and, 3


carrie, misery (not very many i know! nothing personal but i hate reading!)

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At the moment i am torn. My life is at a crossroads i need help.

Things are going downhill quickly. I love my family dont get me wrong but sometimes i grow to resent them. As if being sisteen wasnt hard enough as it is personal drama makes the icing on the cake. Sometimes i just want a break, a break from eveything, just be alone for a while think contemplate get a grip on reality and bring my own being to the surface again. Theres to much in life that people take to seriously and things they take for granted. I for one have learned that every moment with whomever that moment is shared with is special. Things from the past can never be forgotten no matter how bwad we want them to but eventually wounds heal, it just takes some time and nurturing. Guys come in all different shapes and sizes none of them are the same. there are the guys who are jerks, the guys who are immiture , the guys who only want one thing, but sometimes you might get lucky and run across one who genuinely loves you for you. If you ever find one hold on to him, If you dont you wont begin to imagine how lost youll become.

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I Cant Believe it!!

O my gosh i really cant believe that time is going so fast the last time i wrote i was still a freshman.... hardly though! now as my sophmore year is winding down its hard to believe that my high school experience is almost over, its crazy!
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omg it seems like it has been forever since i wrote last.

Alot of things have changed since then im not in that realtionship anymore and in fact i've been in 5 more since that.

My freshmen year is coming to an end with only one more week of school left, its crazy how fast it whent by.

I have changed alot since then too! I look at things differently now i have a new perspective on things, im not so uptight anymore. My favorite movie and book came out since then too!, TWILIGHT! It doesnt matter how many times i watch it, it never gets old! I cant wait till New Moon!, even thought its the saddest of all the books, they wouldnt be as awesome as they are if they didnt have the emotion in them. The thing that sucks though is at this rate Breaking Dawn wont be coming out till im a senior! that sucks! But i'll just have to wait like everyone else.

well i really dont have much else to talk about so im gonna go, oh but there is one thing, if you are ever on you tube any time soon go and find the scary maze game and get one of your friends to play it its hilarious you'll know what im talking about when you see for yourself!

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Ok so i am in a very awesome relationship right now and so far everything is good. I like this guy alot and i never EVER thought that we would be going out, i met him a couple years ago and it wasnt one of those movie moments where you meet somebody and then you fall stait into love i had thought nothing more of this guy  than a friend. we whent to school together until i whent to high school this year, i hadnt talked to him in  5 months an one night out of nowhere i got the earge to just call him and catch up on things. So i called him and everything that i had thought of him had totally comepletely changed, we talked for hours that night and i started liking him so much that i even broke up with the guy that i was dating just to go out with him i know it sounds bad but its not as bad as it seems, the guy i was going out with then wasnt really my type and i had started to realize that we shouldnt be going out, then on top of that i had fell for this guy, and that gave me the idea that i should breake up with the guy i was going out with, and i am GLAD that i did cuz if i hadnt i probably would not be going out with a guy that i really love and a guy that i know loves me for who i am! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OKay this year has been my freshman year of highschool and i am like totally blown away by how different it is from middle school. I love it here at creek wood because there are so many different things going on you have your choice at practically anything you like , the lunch is much better, and you get sooooooooo much more freedom its crazy to think that at the end of 8th grade i wasnt looking forwaed to this!
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