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April 15, 2009

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In case you didnt know.

i am coming to tennessee here in a couple weeks.

I think i get there the 20th of March? not sure

but eh hit me up whenever im there.


Just to let you guys know i am super stoked about coming.  Yea like i havent been this excited for a good long while.


k then shoots :) 

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you know

I think that it is great that everyone is  voicing their opinion on the upcoming election.  Freedom of Speech yea? What i think is kinda dumb is that everyone is arguing over everything.  Sure some things are said to try to hurt someone else.... thats politics.  But no need get on everyones case.  I'm guessing we are all on the same side so why are we arguing about the small details?  I mean its not like over half of us can vote any way. (not saying that its a bad thing to still care about our countries future)

Idk i might just sound like some uneducated Hawaii kid... but i thought i should just share that with everyone

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to the ASIAN PERSUASION love em
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so basically having my family here is the bomb.  i love it more than most can understand...

well idk if any of you knew but my hair was pretty dang long and i just cut it.... it was kind of depressing but now its all good 

i think i kinda like it

well tomorrow we are going horseback riding then surfing like right

after so thats gonna be fun 



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21 days

oh my cousin i have missed you so


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