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November 30, 2009

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I Promise, I Am Not Crazy!!

Okay guys, I am not crazy, but if you see a remark from some person that's not me, but is on my email address... that would be the work of my evil little brother.  It won't happen again. 

Oh and good morning. Talk to y'all later.

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Okay, I'm thinking about starting a Twilight fan club.  I've already met a few people who have read the book and sequel on this website, so any of you who have read it give me some feed back if I should start a club. 

Twilight fans are you willing to meet other fans too? 

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Understanding Parents

You know I understand that parents want to keep us safe, but this website is perfect because you know just about everyone!  It's a thousand times safer than myspace.  I love this website!

Why can't some of our parents understand that? 

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Oh Brother!

Good Morning!

Well, I officially think my brother is strange.  My family got new front-loader washing/drying machines, so now my brother is sitting in front of them and watching clothes go around in circles. 

Oh hey!  I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has asked to be my friend!  I'll be back in a few

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What kind of music do y'all listen to? 

I love country music, christian rock, and some alternative.  Oh if y'all ever feel like listening to a few soprano soloists, I suggest Celtic Woman.  They're fantastic and just wow.  It's an Irish group by the way. 

I have a question... why do people think that rap has to have cussing or something about gangster shootings in it?  I think that's just stupid! I think a good rap song has a good beat and words that make sense and aren't about anything bad.  That's my opinion what do you think?

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