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Samantha Rose Marie

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September 02, 2008

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I kie to go outside and play softball and go camping and fishing and I like to go swimming andn thats my favroite hobby


I like country, and a little bit of rap


How to loose a guy in 10 days and Shes the man Happy Feet


the Bible of course and click here

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Guess what yall I had surgey on my birthday and it was so sad at least i thought it was and everybody kept thinking i wqas dead because  i didnt wake up on time but i woke up i just falling  back asleep so i wasnt dead! i just decided tell yall that

well ttyl

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Old Cheers

<big> Flordia organges Texas cactus we think your team needs a little practice put em in a highchair feed em with a spoon put em in a box and kick um to the moon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This is my favorite disney charcter
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This is so crazy we had to take 3 exams today and the reading 1 was most boring but i only had to take 2 because i got exmit i dont now if i spelled that right or not but you probbably now what i mean well g2g see yall later!
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Cain't Wait

OMG i caint wait till school gets out because i get to go to Mertle Beach with my aunt Suzy to babysit but i still get to do other stuff like go to the ocean,beach,pool,hottub, and thats the best thng to do oh and i still have to babysit though
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