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Cant wait to see her..!!

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April 13, 2009

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uh..i like to have fun...mime..hang around..i like music any kind..Angela she like sports but mostly basketball..sometimes tubing, skiing,


i like pretty much rock... one of my favorite songs is:
WHITE AND NERDY... and i was made to love you ...


really anykind....the ringer."i see pretty girls everywhere i go everywhere i go everywhere i go..." lol thats cool....


i hate reading..but the only really book i read is the bible..

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I hate July

the class of 2010 at creek wood lost a classmate chase last year on the third of july. now we lost two more on the 4th of this year shelby and jamie. r.i.p girls i love yall now everyone saids on the 5th of next year everyone is gonna be hiding since everyone is dieing. keep those familys in prayer.

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 Mad about AMERICAN IDOL... huhhhhhhhhhhh
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I got my  permittttt.. lol yeah im soo glad.. my picture is badd.. im going back to get it redone...
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Saturdays have never been the same
And I still can’t believe you’re gone
So many things I wish that I could say
I guess the hardest part of moving on
Are these memories that have overtaken me
Once again I’m right here on my knees

I’m barely hanging on
With all these empty feelings
I’m hurting in so many ways
And though I can’t begin to understand the reason
I still believe that you’re GOD

Saturdays have never been the same
That moment keeps repeating in my mind
The ringing phone
A call that changed my world
An emptiness that words cannot define
All these memories have overtaken me
So once again I fall upon my knees


And as you cried I cried with you
I’ll never leave
I’ll carry you through
Can’t you see that I was always there?
These ashes of pain will fade

Chorus x2
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today marks Paiges one year since she left us.. i love her sooo much and miss her..


      R.I.P PAIGE


     I LOVE YOU!



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