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November 30, 2009

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Oh Brother!

Good Morning!

Well, I officially think my brother is strange.  My family got new front-loader washing/drying machines, so now my brother is sitting in front of them and watching clothes go around in circles. 

Oh hey!  I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has asked to be my friend!  I'll be back in a few

April 06, 2007
♥ eyes...♥ said

April 06, 2007
At the Crossroads of Life said

Oh by the way, Garrett is twelve (well in april he'll be twelve)
April 06, 2007
At the Crossroads of Life said

Hi Gen this is Garrett. Your brother yeah that's right! When you get home I'll get you for this. I got it. Every time we get near water u go waater. Oh when you get home u will be in so much trouble. I will get u for this. Don't expect mercy because I will get u. So long "Oh Sister."

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