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July 30, 2020

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Brittany, music, theology, philosophy


I will listen to anything and everything but most rap


The Godfather Trilogy, Mission: Impossible, Unbreakable, A Beautiful Mind, The Departed


Heart of Darkness, the Bible

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Should I Quit

I'm seriously considering dropping out of graduate school. I'm thinking maybe I'll finish my MS and not get the PhD, but that's still going to necessitate 7 more months of being untrue to  myself. I guess I can handle that...hell, I've been doing it for 2 years now. But when is enough enough?
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A long time coming

This presidential election is a pain in the ass.  This is not, however, just because of the empty rhetoric of both sides' candidates, but also because of the idiocy of those who are going to be voting for someone.  Here are a few snippets of conversations I've heard in the last few days:


"Palin's from Alaska.  What's she going to be able to do for me?"

"Obama's a Muslim.  He goes to church to cover it up."

"McCain's so old, he'll die right when he takes office.  Then we'll be stuck with a Canadian."

"Biden is a good candidate."


So, to cut through the crap, I try to watch the debate(s).  They're horrible!


McCain: "This is what I believe and this makes me right.  Senator Obama disagrees, and that makes him wrong."

Obama: "We-we-we-well, what Senator McCain is failing to mention is that he's WRONG!  WRONG WRONG WRONG!  And I want to change things."

Mediator: "Senator Obama, can you answer the question?"

Obama: "Well, Senator McCain, you know...he's a senator, and...well...he's wrong.  You know he voted with the Republicans 90% of the time?  I only voted with Republicans 5% of the time, making me a true, uh, bipartisan."

McCain: "What Senator Obama is trying to say is that I'm a maverick, and he wants to promise empty change.  What we need is a couple of mavericks, like my Vice President and me, to go in there and show Washington what mavericks are really like.  They obviously didn't notice me, but damn!  Palin's hot, so they'll notice her."

Obama: (grins) "My esteemed colleague is a moron because he's not a lawyer.  I'm better than him.  Nah nah nah nah nah nah!" (sticks out tongue)

McCain: "Be careful, Senator Obama.  The last nigger that stuck his tongue out at me didn't survive the Hanoi Hilton.  Let's just say that the gooks were scared of me for a while after that little incident.  All due respect to gooks, of course."

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Jena 6

Punish the Jena 6.  What they did was wrong.  Letting them off the hook because Jesse Jackson and 150k Californians are angry is wrong.  Yes, some punk hung some hangman's nooses in a tree.  O.  M.  G.  I once heard a black guy refer to a white guy as a racist.  I guess I should beat the shit out of him as well.



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September 11, 2001

Maybe I'm just a moron, but does there really need to be a constant struggle among Americans about whether it was Osama Bin Laden or George W. Bush that masterminded the 9/11 attack?  What amazes me most is that those who would support the theory of Bush's being the mastermind are also the ones who loudly and proudly proclaim that he is an idiot with an IQ of 80.  I personally wouldn't want to broadcast that an "overglorified monkey" had fooled me.


If nothing else, let it lie.  By bringing up conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory, we will perpetuate this into something much worse than it originally was.


Let's pretend for a moment that the attack was carried out by a sect of zealot Muslims with a rather poor understanding of the Koran (this taken from the mouth of a Muslim friend of mine).  If this is the case, then there would be justifiable reason to determine the identity and location of the sect and eliminate it.  Taking out the Taliban is not necessary, but is still a good thing to do.  Taking out Saddam Hussein was not necessary, but it was still a good thing to do.  But if it was a terrorist cell, get the cell, not everyone else around them.


Now let's pretend for a moment that it's a vast government conspiracy that was covered up by a Republican government and a bipartisan investigation committee made up of Congressmen and women from all over the country.  If this is the case, then we must completely get rid of all incumbents (because we can't trust them, obviously) and elect an entirely new government.  But nobody wants to do that much work, do they?  They'd rather sit around and complain about how evil and bad the government is for killing its own people, then the people of other nations, and calling it freedom and democracy.


Now for a rabbit trail that has nothing to do with this...


It's kind of weird to word what I'm thinking right now.  Basically, if genocide, treachery, and ill-conceived wars had not been fought, then the United States would not be here, so we would not be able to sit around and complain incessantly about how bad we are.  I'm not saying that genocide is a good thing, but it's one of those things that we as Americans kind of like to sweep under the rug.  Taking this thought process a step further, why is there not a Native American history month?  Why is there not a Hispanic History Month?  Maybe I'm just a silly racist, but shouldn't all minority groups be treated equally fair?  It's not as if the African Americans were the only minority group treated unfairly; in fact, many groups today are still being treated unfairly by blacks and whites.



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Biblical View of Marriage

My "essay" on a Biblical perspective of marriage is posted on

Please let me know what you think
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