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Optimism vs. Pessimism

Somebody want to explain to me why its better to be optimistic about something and allow yourself to wish that something to happen only to let it get you down when it doesn't happen?  And why, in this case would pessimism be better because then your not let down when something happens, thus making it more exciting when something good does happen?

Just food for thought....

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Quick Remark: everday thing

So this weekend was the WILD trip that I led. It went least
in my opinion...give or take a little rain now and then j/k. But it got
me thinking about somethings. I mean I understand how important being a
leader is in every aspect of my life. I mean being a leader isn't just
about bossing people around, its about being an example in all of your
actions, no matter how innocent they may seem.

Now there are
many ways a person can be a leader, one for example is being an older
sibling. I happen to have plenty of experience in this area of life.
But I didn't stop to think about the impact that I have on my younger
siblings. I mean I hear the whole thing about "they just want to be
like you." Now, that I actually think about it, thats a pretty scary
responsibility. I mean to have (in my case) three young boys always
watching your every move to immulate you.

Another way a person
can be a leader is how they treat people. This can be a hard leader to
be. I mean I know I don't always treat people the way they should be
treated but I always try my best to do what I think is right...whether
other people agree with my decisions or not.

The single most
difficult leader is a spiritual leader. This is, in my opinion the
HARDEST leader to be. I mean instead of just younger siblings you have
the whole world watching your every move and waiting for you to mess
up. But, when you mess up, you have the weight of being a christian on
your shoulders. I mean not in a bad way, just the fact that everyone is
waiting for you to mess up just because your a christian. Now I'm not
saying that I'm perfect, because this is the area I struggle with on a
daily basis. I mean it's hard to be around people that don't believe
the same as you do and not fall into some of the patterns that they do.

I know that I'm not perfect, but I would give anything just to
make someone else's day a little brighter because I am who I am and no
one's going to change that...except GOD. And then I know it will only
be for the betterment of my life and actions, and the people around me.
Being a leader means being true to yourself. No matter who your around
or who your trying to impress.

So when it boils down to it, are you the kind of leader that you want to be seen as?

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Well, winter break is officially over tommorrow....I mean I have to go back to school. But it has definately been an exciting and fun break.  I went to Florida and canoed 55-60 miles.  This was extremely fun and annoying at times.  I mean not the trip being annoying...just some of the people on the trip kinda got on my nerves, but whatever.

But yeah it was amazing we canoed on the Santa Fe River, the Itchnutucknee, and the Suwanee River.  There was a lot of great memories made on this trip and I'm really glad I went.

But I have tons of homework to do before school tommorrow so I'll out more up later.

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Horse Bowl

So I'm on my way to the great MTSU for another 4-H competition, Horse Bowl.  I hope we do pretty well.  But yeah I thought I should post and other than that nothing new is going on except my CAT grade is going up (not a kitty cat...College Algebra and Trig).  This increase in my grade really makes me happy...we'll see how long it lasts.  But other than that not much. 

Oh yeah...over winter break in 2 weeks I'm going to Florida on a canoe trip.  It should be fun. I'm really excited.  Hopefully we'll get some great weather.  But yeah its going to be really interesting with the group thats going.

But I have to go finish getting ready so I'll post more later.

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Anyone care to explain why Webb didn't get out of school today when everyone else in the area did???



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