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December 28, 2009

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my realtionship with God my father, my wonderfully amazing youth group at calvary, my band oh wow my band! i never knew i could love an activity so much, BEING MY BAND'S HEAD DRUM MAJOR, playing flute and torturing my family with piccolo, taking pictures of anything that i can affod to cause im a film kid, music even if its 3 times my age, being a stupid teenager with my friends and getting the stupid teenager look, playing football with my little brother, having fun with my video camera, making things, camping, boating, skiing, being outside, not being at home or sitting down (unless its on the net), going to kroger way to many times a day, being a poor teen


relient K, switchfoot, the beatles, jason mraz, jack johnson, queen, weezer, james taylor, the carpenters, led zepplin, jimmy buffet, simon and garfunkel, heart, chicago, dan fogelberg, dave barnes, audio a, newsboys, pocket fullk of rocks, the killers, all american rejects, stellar cart, coldplay, michael buble, chris botti, andrew lloyd weber, building 429, cool hand luke, death cab for cutie, lonestar, rascal flatts, diamond rio, heart, john mayer, matthew west, sonicflood, starfield, styx,


the phantom of the opera, nights tale, spiderman, moulin rogue, remember the titans, pirates of the caribbean, monty pithon and the holy grail, drumline, finding neverland, boymeets world seasons on DVD, mr hollands opus, radio, sound of music, music man, its a wonderful life, frosty the snowman, the outsiders, west side story, the birds, a bronx tale, veggie tales, home movies!!!!!


the Bible, sisterhood of the traveling pants, series of unfortunate events, winterdance, the voyages of doctor doolittle, seizing your divine moments, screwtape letters, RUBANK!!

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woke up and was "present"ed
my main gift was already given to me - my flute
but i got a few random things

ate breakfast then headed outside
went to THE wichita falls and found 2 caches
came back to the house for some leftover Christmas eve dinner for lunch
watched a Christmas story
went back out and found 4 more caches - daddy broke one of them trying to open it lol - will replace after we leave

have to leave for the airport at 3am so im not sleeping. i fly out at 6:30. 2 hours on the plane. then i think were heading to opry mills just for kicks.

love you kids tons and i hope you had and amazingly awesome Christmas

♥ cant wait to see you all again ♥
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climbed over rocks and streams while following a small "trail" or what im sure is a cow path - real hiking for 2 hours


ate one of the top 8 burgers in the nation

saw buffalo, deer, elk, long horns, turkeys, and prarie dogs

gained a new respect for the unique beauty of the prarie

saw a spiral staircase made for fish

fell asleep on the way back from our day in the wichita mountains in oaklahoma

hope you had fun sitting on your butt

its Christmas eve!!!! have a good one!!!

i love you!

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just finished my last exam


school is done

tuba christmas at 12:30


texas here i come

see yall in a week!

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4 full days of school

3 half days of school

1 christmas concert where ill listen to some pretty cool guy play sax

1 christmas party with cool kids

3 presents bought

1 christmas parade

1 plane ride out of here

7 exams

1 missed christmas eve service (hope we go somewhere in tx)


all of this in the next 19 days

i love life

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very proud of my OHS kids at midstate today

i didnt make it

o well

much love

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