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March 14, 2008

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Hip hop/light rock, Lifehouse, Simple Plan


The Notebook, Ladder 49, How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Finding Nemo, Shrek, Just Like Heaven


the Bible, Mary Higgins Clark and John Grisham books and Nicholas Sparks books

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I don't understand a lot of things in life and this frustrates me greatly.  I don't understand why the longest relationship I've had is 7 months long.  I don't understand why people can't get over ex's.  I don't understand why people have to creep me out!  AHHH!  The stress of life.  I don't understand why I'm here right now.
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So we're sitting at lunch and Brandon and I get up to go leave.  I put my UTC Band jacket on and the guy we're sitting with says, "oh, you're in band?"  I told him yes then he asked what I played and I pointed at my jacket because it says Becky Amonett and underneath it says Piccolo.  He said, "Becky?" and I said, "No, below that!"  Then Brandon pipes in and goes, "I play the Becky!"  We all started cracking up, then I got it and hit him haha.  Fun times in the UC.

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I will be allowed to come home for a VERY SHORT period of time this weekend.  By short I mean tomorrow I will leave Chattanooga around 5 and have to leave Murfreesboro again at 2 on Saturday afternoon.  If you want to hang out please let me know and I will hope to see all of you.  I love you!
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My Eventful Thursday

As some of you know, I have not been feeling good since I woke up on Sunday morning.  My throat has been extremely sore and I've had trouble breathing and swallowing.  I finally took Thursday and went to the student health clinic on campus.  They didn't know what was wrong with me there so they sent me to the Emergency Room at Erlanger Hospital to see an ENT specialist.  I saw my room mates when I was coming back from the clinic to go to the hospital and I burst into tears as I told them what was wrong and they brought me to the hospital.  We waited for about 30 minutes to an hour because I told them I was having trouble breathing.  Then, my room mates left once I got sent back and it was ok because I knew my dad would be there soon.  Shortly after waiting on an exam room, I was stuck 4 times because they couldn't find a vein on me because I was so dehydrated.  They decided to start an IV and take blood and then they admitted me overnight to keep on eye on my fever.  They woke me up every 2 hours last night to check vitals or take blood or change my IV bags.  About 6 tonight, I FINALLY got to see an ENT specialist and he prescribed about 4 different types of medication.  He said my activites are very limited right now and I'm not allowed to do anything outside for an extended period of time.  I am feeling better now.  I'm just a little tired and sore.  I can kind of eat normal foods again and both my parents and Brandon are here keeping a close watch on me.  The doctor wants a follow-up in 10 days to make sure my tonsils have gone down and if this happens again they will probably have to do surgery.  Anyways, I would like to thank those of you who knew and have been calling to check up on me.  Sorry for those who weren't informed, this was a surprise to me too.  Just keep me in your thoughts and prayers and pray that I keep fluids in me and that I eat and take all my meds at the right time.  I love you!      
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One of those days...

Today has been one of those days when I really miss my family and home and my friends.  It's really depressing.  I hate slow days!  I just wish I had some answers for stuff right now.  I guess I could use some prayer.  Love you all! 
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