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well . . .

it's technically not the 8th anymore . . . but i haven't been to sleep yet, so i suppose i can still wish you all a happy tennessee secession day.


happy holidays!

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update long overdue

i haven't written on this thing in forever, so here is a brief recap of the past few months in my life:

i went on a fun blind date on valentine's day . . .

i went to the zoo and had lots of fun there . . .

i had way too much fun in walmart . . .

i hung from a moving vehicle . . .

i stood on the window sill of a moving vehicle . . .

and i did cosmic battle with amy powers . . .

and i guess that's about it.

hope everyone's been doing okay. :)

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The Discipline of Love

In the middle of service this morning, I really had to pee.

So, after a fiasco removing myself from the pew, I made my way to the back of the sanctuary and out to the bathroom. Inside, I could hear the conversation taking place between a father and a son in a nearby stall.

"I don't want to have to do this . . . but you've left me no choice."

Unseen, a little boy sniffled.

"I don't like hurting you, but you have to learn discipline."

I could almost hear the boy's knees knocking.

"You'll thank me someday."

It was almost full-fledged crying now. I heard the sound of a few sharp blows to the rear.

"I have to punish you because I love you."

Funny how that works, isn't it?

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summer plans

where will i be from may 28 until august 4?

new york city.

i was appointed by the tennessee baptist collegiate ministry to do missions based out of the bronx.

there is much praise and excitement in my soul.

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well, kids

my new roommate is moving in as we speak . . .
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