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October 25, 2008

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Star Wars, Rocky, any MST3K-worthy movie, Pixar stuff, Fox animation (Ice Age, Robots), Clerks/Mallrats/Chasing Amy/Dogma/Jay & Bob Strike Back, The Replacements, The Matrix


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May 31 or bust.

Yeah, it's time for an entry.

May 31, Fairpoint Communications will eliminate all of their specific location customer service employees. This includes roughly 30 people at GTCom, the phone company I work at.

Well, it also roughly includes me. That's the bad news. Now, the good news.

I'm getting paid well for taking this. Three weeks base pay (40 hours a week), plus another week for each full year I've been with the company (one)...and $3,000. Yeah, it's a pretty nice deal. It gets better.

The closure of the positions is entirely dependent on how quickly we transition to a new billing system. The current plan is to run bills on the old and new systems concurrently in March. If everything goes well, the new system will be in place in April and we'll be let go. With pay through May 31, plus the package. What does this mean to you, the blog reader?

...Bitches, it means I'm coming home. With that much money, I can move back to Murfreesboro and look for a job. Trust me, being local helps a ton in getting hired. Anywhere. So yeah.

May 31 or bust.
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So, uh...yeah!

In case you haven't heard, I'm making an actual effort to come back. I've applied for two positions at Verizon's 1) store near the mall, and 2) call center in the Boro. This idea was inspired by the idea of Garrett, who said if I moved back, he, Graham, and I would get an apartment.

As to how this might pertain to my last doesn't. Really, it doesn't. Because one of those possibilities isn't valid anymore. I don't feel the need or desire to go into that any further, but needless to say, my trip cleared it up.

Sorry if that bored you with its vagueness. To placate you, here's me with a polar bear.

Yep. That's a polar bear. More updates about the possible move as I get them.
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Why do I have to live in the middle of nowhere?

This would be much easier if my mom found a way to get a job midstate, or I had the money to come back there for good.

But no. No, I have to live in the middle of nowhere.

Coming up on Tuesday, won't see most of you before Thursday, but if you have the #, call then, and we'll do something.
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Did you know it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile?

I don't know.

This is one messed up week.

Get it fixed. I'm probably coming home for a few days.

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I bring nothing to the table.

A-Z Survey

A - Available: Yeah.

A - Age: TWO. ZERO.

A - Annoyance: annoying people.

B - Bestest Friend[s]: Graham, Bryan, Ed, JB, and Ryan

B - Birthday: The second day of the sixth month of the one thousand, nine hundred, and eighty-sixth year of our lord, Anno Domini.

C - Crush: i'll never teeeeelllll...right whatever

C - Car: 02 Honda CR-V

C - Candy: M&M's/Kissables

D - Day or night: day

D - Dream Car: something fast. yeah.

E- Easiest person to talk to?: Anna

E- Eggs: Never

F - Favorite Month: June. Good month even without my birthday.

F - Favorite color(s): any darker blue

F - Favorite Memory: eh, i've got a few; chi-town, atl, prom, those kinds of things; oh, and hawaii

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: worms

G - Giver or taker: eh, either way

H - Hair Color: dark dark dark brown/black

H - Height: 6'0"

H - Happy: at the moment

I - Ice Cream: choc-oh-lot

I - Instrument: don't play one, but if I did? bass.

J - Jewelry: nil, except when i put on my hematite cross

J - Job: GTCom for now

J - Jail: just got out, fo'sho

K - Kids: not right now, come back later

K - Kickboxing or Karate: karate, but only if i can do flying hut-sit-yah kicks

K - Kindergarden: sea breeze elementary in jacksonville, and brown elementary in eastpoint, both florida

L - Longest Car Ride: somewhere between 8 and 9 hours, multiple times from murfreesboro to port st. joe

M - Milk Flavor: flavored milk? geez, i'll just go with regular, but chocolate works

M - Most missed person: grandmother

M - Movie: right now? Clerks 2

N - Number of Siblings: techincally, 1 stepbrother, 2 stepsisters, but the 2 stepsisters have 3 kids between them that i'm considered the stepbrother to.

N - Number of Tattoos: 15,000 don't you know?

N - Name: Clint

O - ONE WiSH: wishes are products of the overactive mind

O - One Phobia: rejection, as always

O - One regret: saying the wrong thing at the wrong time

P- Pet Peeves: i dunno

P- Part of your appearance you like best?: eyes, hair the way it's cut now

P- Part of your personality?: sense of humor

Q- Quote: "there's only one return okay? and it ain't of the king, it's of the jedi."

Q- Quick or Slow: uh...quick?

R - Reason to smile: life is pretty good

R - Reality TV Show: Idol, but right now i'm watching Rock Star: Supernova

R - Reason to cry: death

S - Song Last Heard: "Push" - matchbox twenty

S - Season: fall

S - Shoe: black pumas, as always

T - Time you woke up: about 8:45 ish

T - Time Now: 9:56 eastern daylight time

T - Time for bed: close to midnight

U - U love someone: horrible way to get another question for U, but whatever

U - Unpredictable?: you never know what i'll do next!

V - Vegetable you hate: asparagus

V - Vacation spot: NYC

W- Worst Habits: nailbiting

W- Where are you going to travel next?: possibly murfreesboro. maybe tampa again.

W- Weather right now: dark and warm

X - X-Rays: had ones on my chest and ankle

Y - Year you were born: 1986

Y - Year it is now: 2006

Y - Yellow: i came along, i wrote a song for you...and all the things you do...and it was called.

Z - Zoo Animal: koala bear infestation.
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