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August 03, 2009

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So long ,farewell..

So tomorrow I leave for Carson Newman.
My sister will move into my room.
Coming back to the Boro will never be the same.
My running paths will grow over.
My sisters and friends will be older.
As will I.

So you have about 24-hours to try to contact before I go.

For now, Good-bye Murfreesboro.
I had a good time.


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When did Holland change to the Netherlands?

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 GOT CHASED BY A DEER! Ya'll must be thinking how did Cara get herself into this. Well, it was really quite simple; you see I was running at the Battlefield about on my 6th mile miding my own business when I hear this noise. This noise wasn't any normal wood like noise, no it sounded like Emily when she has her asthma attacks after races. So I freeze, and look into the woods off the trail, and standing this is cute doe ( a female deer). I decide to wait till it leave, but it isn't leaving it just sit there making this noise and staring at me. So I slowly begin to walk a little futher up the trail and it walks with me. Then bam it is running at me. So I take off like I was Kelvin in a state race, it had to be the fastest sprint I have ever done. Sometimes, nature is just odd..
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So I sitting around my house waiting till I run state, it is very nerve-wrecking..

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So I am personally inviting y'all to come out and support your Siegel stars at state. My 4 x 800m will be running around 6:30 at MTSU on Thursday. Kelvin will run the next day, well after he runs prelims..
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