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January 31, 2012

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an update (yesss)

things are still trill;
i think i may/should add some pics on this thing sometime around soon so if anyone wants a 600x800 pixel insight into my social activities, You're in luck !

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i still neglect this thing... haha

boy has it been a while since i did the phusebox bit

technology > me

peace up, im in, get down, im out

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I do beleave i neglect this thing.

wells, JV race at rippavilla

lead the race for the first 2.9 miles
then i got passed and came in third..... :|
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i beleave this makes me cpl;;

*** iojhfWMAS,fwak killed T.J. with a headshot from scout ***
*** iojhfWMAS,fwak killed marijuana and sun chips (LATPL) with a headshot from scout ***
*** iojhfWMAS,fwak killed max 4 with a headshot from scout ***
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the four word post
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