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July 22, 2007

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will mothers & daughters EVER get along?
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DBS wants Elizabeth

or something like that hah

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Sonic stinks.

yes I ran into Sonic's menu thing. I know I'm cool.

hahahahaha... =( my poor car.. this has been its 4th wreck & I've only been driving 2 months.. haha

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UT Knoxville Cheer Camp & a new beginning for Oakland Cheerleading

So I got back from the lake like.. 2 weeks ago & then as soon as I got back I had to leave for cheer camp. But the lake was fun & cheer camp was AMAZING. Our new cheer coach, Ms. Franks (she used to be Riverdale's assistant coach) is going to be so good for our squad. We improved so much just this week so I can't wait to see how much more we're going to improve from now until August 18th (that's our first football game against Blackman.. woot!). Anyway, here are some pictures from cheer camp!

Kate & I

Erin, Caroline, & I

"The Rock"

Oakland Varsity & Freshmen Cheerleading Squads

Riverdale & Oakland Varsity & Freshmen Squads

Wednesday was Caroline's birthday so we threw her a surprise birthday party!

Oakland Varsity Cheer Squad with our trophies

Our squad has grown so much & bonded with our new coach & for once I'm truly happy with where our cheerleading team is going. I love my team & I don't know what I'd do without them.

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I am leaving for the lake today with my friend Storey and my church! I'm so excited. I love the lake... once I get past the fact that I'm swimming in DISGUSTING water. hah.

Anyway! be back Friday!

everyone have a great week! =D

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