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June 26, 2005

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Haven\'t updated in a while...

I\'ve been rather busy lately with other tasks.
I\'ve moved on up to 49 friends now.
It\'s making me feel very loved,
thank you everyone.
I\'ve consideredthe possibility of starting to let people know hints about who I could be.
But then I thought to myself, \"what would be the fun in that?\"
So maybe later.
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23 Friends Already!

I feel so loved
You all are very trusting and nice people to let me be your \"friend\"
What if I were some girl or guy that you despise in every shape, form, and fashion
I\'m just kidding
I don\'t think any of you hate me that much
Hopefully you don\'t hate me at all
And some of you truly have never even seen me before in your lives
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The Beginning

I woke up this morning
On the right side of my bed
all these crazy thoughts
screaming through my head
i can\'t wait to see
what this world holds for me
oh, it\'s a new day
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