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April 01, 2006

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okay  so maybe i dont ever update this thing..its kinda hard with everything else u gotta monitor..xanga, myspace, facebook.......

oh yea and have a life too..........??
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\" have loved so
deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some
protection forever. It is in your very skin.\"~dumbledore

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kind of ironic. Toni came home thursday morning/wednesday nite after i wrote that entry.

God is so good.

math test tomorrow. studied for hours. now i just need some prayers haha..
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why am I strong one day and not the other
why did You leave me here alone
why did You take away both my best friends

\"Then you shall call, and the Lord will answer; you shall cry, and he will say, Here I am.\"
-Isaiah 58:9-

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i know no one reads this but...oh well. college is a lot of fun. im beginning to realize though that its more than just about having a good time. im trying to figure out what i wanna do. im undeclared right now. which is why im at mtsu in the first place...since im not doin music at lipscomb. im trying to decide what i enjoy the most....and what i would love to do. yea i love singing but its not going to be my profession. im leaning towards a few things that i never thought of before. i love all my classes...or like all my classes...except for math. i hate that class. but i really really like english. I miss a lot of people right now...especially my best friend. I know shes havin a blast in Florida and part of me wishes i could be there havin a blast too. im already planning my trip down there to see her!!

i didnt really know how id handle moving out...but i actually like living in the dorms..i dont ever have a desire to come home but i still do on sundays to see my parents and do laundry. im not getting up to go to church on sundays anymore. its bothering me a going on mondays to RFC but its still really bothering me. i have a desire to go but its like i have absolutely no energy left by sunday.

ive met a loootttt of people though..a lot of really awesome people. the boy theres a few of those. im havin fun and i guess thats what counts...but none of them are really what i want...or as good as im used to. maybe one day though.

well i got a paper to sure no one read this because it was boring as crap but i figured everyone was tired of reading about \"hot dogs\". i hope yall\'s weekend has been fabulous!! adios

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