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May 18, 2009

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Happy Easter!!!!!
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I'm coming back to the Boro!

So how are ya'll! i'm doing great, kinda sad that i'm having to leave everyone...but i'm sure i'll be ok! i love that i get to see all ya'll again!!! if ya'll want an update on Thailand, one ask me, or two, you can wait till a couple days, when i feel like updating! :D But overall...i'll tell you was GREAT and God totally showed up! It was the best 5 months! And I praise God that He called me to do this!!!! It was amazing and i wouldn't take back a minute of it! Even the hard times! The hard times were hard, and of course not fun! But now, I'm glad He put me through what He did! The hurt caused me to grow! And it was worth it all! God is amazing! And showed up a great deal in Thailand and all over the world! One story for ya'll! It didn't happen to my team, BUT one of my friends from the Japan team, told us an amazing story!!! Here it is: He wanted to see God move and actually wanted to see a miracle and told them team he did! So they prayed and then one of the women said why don't you pray for your teammate! His teammate actually was born with one leg 3 inches shorter than the other! So he prayed, and he was really pumped with faith at the time cause all the prayer and worship they were doing! And all of a sudden, he saw one tug on the mans leg, then two more! The guy seriously thought that he was just pulling on his leg, and thought he was being funny! But he totally had his hands off of him! His legs are now the same length! Also, the saw a half-blind woman be healed, she can now fully see...and has accepted Christ! And one story from my trip! We went to a village and we were praying for the people! One place we went to, there was a little girl who couldn't speak and she was about 3 i think! And we prayed for her, in faith, and the whole team didn't get to witness it, but about 3 of them did! They were walking away and the little girl spoke!! PRAISE GOD!!!! Anyways, i wanted to share a bit!!! Trust God and have faith and He'll continue to show up in amazing ways!!! i love ya'll and i'll see some of ya'll tomorrow!!! :D

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I'll be home in 19 days!!! lol!! Can't wait to see ya'll and tell ya'll all about Thailand!! Love ya'll!!!
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The Best Way to Wake up at 3:15 am......

So I\'d like to update ya\'ll on my little story of how I woke up this morning! I was sleeping nicely in my own little bed...just counting my z\'s....and all of a sudden I hear Chelsea\'s cell phone go off! (I bet you\'re thinkin\' new! I\'m not done!) So I hear Chelsea answer her phone....stumble around a little bit and she goes,\"What...what are you talking about?!\" And I watch her as she stumbles outside...and by that time I can hear people talking outside! And in my mind I thought...\"What the flip...people are partying and woke us up!\" Then I hear Chelsea, not really screaming but kinda yelling...,\"Ya\'ll get up! Come out here and see this! Hurry up.......the campus soccer field is ON FIRE!!!\" And I was like,\"WHAT!?!?!\" I dash outside to see what is going on, and all I can see is orange color flames and smoke! Now the fire wasn\'t right at my building yet...but I see the flames from where I\'m standing! And then we\'re like ok! We have to leave the building! So we get out and walk down away from village 2 (my dorm) and it\'s just this huge line of fire! Course, I\'m flippin\' out cause, I\'ve never been in this situation before and I haven\'t heard anything...I\'m afraid our buildings were going to be burnt down! And so people are all out there praying and watching these flames grow! And then I talk to Christi and I have to go back to the room for something....and she said she\'d go with me real fast! (Don\'t worry...the fire wasn\'t spread that way real fast) but we go back and my roomates are packing \"important just in case things\"! So I pack some stuff I would actually need and we left! And all we did was wait! And about 30 to 45 minutes later.....the flames were going down and finally they got it under control! And it\'s 4:12 pm here now...and I still hear the helocopter(sp...I know, I\'m a bad speller) outside dumbing water on it making sure it\'s all cooled off! But the crazy thing about this whole thing is when the emerals starting coming towarded the housing and stuff the wind would blow it the other way! People said it was like there was a huge wall and it looked like it was bouncing off of! With a fire like that and no one being hurt and all our buildings still up.....God totally showed up and had His hand protecting us!! And if the wind had of changed at all, it could of got us! But God was there...and He turned this whole thing around!! And even though I been up since\'s been a pretty cool day! lol! But yea...I thought that would make for an awesome drama story! But anyways...last night we had a thing called \"Love Feast\" and the Compassion group got together and had a nice dinner...some fun games and songs....and we got to get all dressed up!  It was great! And I had tons of fun! I just can\'t believe that I\'ll be leaving soon! I\'m excited, nervous, and I don\'t know what else, all at the same time! I\'ll be leaving Dec. 23...which is in like 11 days! AHHHH! lol!! Well anyways...I gotta to ya\'ll soon! Love ya tons!!! And miss ya\'ll like crazy!!

ps. See ya\'ll in 10 weeks and 5 days! :D

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i\'m everything you\'ve wanted
i am the one whose haunting you
i am the eyes inside of you, stare back at you
B verse:
there\'s nothing left to lose
there\'s nothing left to prove
surrender your love, it\'s all you can do
what you got, what you want, what you need
gonna be your savior
everything\'s gonna crash and break
but i know, yeah i know
what you got what you want, what you need
gonna be your savior
everything\'s gonna crash and break
your savior
it\'s time to redefine your deophobic mind
don\'t hesitate, no escape
from secrets on the inside
(B verse)
i am the eyes inside staring back at you(2x)
you need me(2x) yaaaaa

I really like this song!

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