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April 12, 2011

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crazy about my Creator, the mystery gang, music, you


anything i can sing too...


star wars, the notebook, the lion king, beauty and the beast, finding nemo, green mile, forrest gump, dirty dancing, pretty woman


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until we meet again...

i think i am done with phusebox.
so long.
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quote of the day:

"this guy increases by 1000 dollars...we'll call him quartile 1.
this guy increases by 1000 dollars...we'll call him quartile 2.
and this guy also increases by 1000 dollars...we'll call him jack."

yeah not funny to you im sure but hey it was a winner at the time.
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what do you think?

o yes. there is quite the resemblance.

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i am quite upset right now...

myspace wont let me sign in.
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and to answer the question, im not dead...

yes im here, in the flesh, well not really, but im back.
sorry, guys, ive just well uh..had a life.
but now everything is dying down and i can go back to spending endless hours in front of phusebox and myspace again.
i dont really know what else to say.
prom was friday. it was fun but extremely overrated.
sat. was invisible children. which was uh-maze-ing.
God has really been showing me alot lately and showing me that my heart belongs to these people.
i will update more later. or ill try!
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