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December 31, 2006

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soccer, being with my friends, movies, yah know...the basics


i like just about all music


shawshank redemption, lean on me, nightmare before christmas, emperor's new groove, newsies, moulin rouge, love stinks, boondak saints, donnie darko, pay it forward, life of david gail, family man, thirteen, the crow, okay okay....i like movies [obviously]


horror stories

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Hollywood! :-p

Ha!  I get to be the star of a 48 second silent film. 
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haven't been here for a long time...

what's up everybody?

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So, How was your night?


Mine wasn\'t good, nope not good at all

A car drove me off the road.

I went through 3 yards and slammed into a car parked in a drive way

My face doesn\'t feel very good, nor look very good.

Airbags do a lot of physical damage to one\'s skin.

My car is quite obviously, undriveable
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It\'s currenly 5:12 AM according to my computer.
I haven\'t slept even a little bit.
And i\'m still not tired.
I don\'t like sleeping.
Bad things usually happen when I sleep

My grandmother passed away Friday morning. :(

I\'m leaving in a few hours for Memphis.

My parents wouldn\'t let me bring anyone with me.

I really wish I could have.

It would have made things a lot easier for me.

I know it.
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Look it!

photo from Tissues_For_Mady

photo from Tissues_For_Mady

photo from Tissues_For_Mady

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