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November 05, 2007

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so where are my faithful readers?  i barely ever post here, so i don't really expect regular comments here.  but when i post on (at least slightly regularly) i would like some comments.  so check on my posts there.  or else
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Jan 30?

Has it really been that long?  wow...  i've been on reading almost every day, so don't think i've completely checked out on you.  i just haven't had much to say.  hey, check out the new look and my post at .  it's pretty sweet!
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brick wall

so i've been battling this spiritual...  thing for quite a while.  i have been doing very well,  but i seem to have hit a brick wall.  after about 4 weeks of almost completely forgetting about it (yes, i keep count...  it's that important) i seem to have hit a wall.  i can't get my mind off it.  i struggle constantly.  every moment is a choice.

i would normally post this on but i figured it'd get more reads here.  i'd really appreciate prayer support on this.

thank you,
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after repeated badgering from various individuals, i have posted.  check it out .  Also, i have started a new site.  the purpose of this site is explained in my post, so you may want to read it.  the new site is .
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i bet you guys are getting bored of me posting something like "hey, guys i posted again" and linking you to my site.  well, here's the reasoning:  i don't want to copy/paste the same stuff.  it's boring.  also, i'd like to get google to index me, and posting a bunch of links helps.  also, i want more traffic on my site, and by linking you to it, if you go, i get hits and then i win...  or something.

so, once again, i have posted.  this time i talk about my trip to the salon.  trust me...  it's worth the read...  i think.

here's the link:
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