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April 08, 2008

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I like... boys. and um. i run. and uh... i also like candy =)


anything but country



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Merry Christmas!

hope you all had a good one. I sure did!!! :]
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i hate how things are turning out in my life right now. i really really miss the old old days. :[




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is today. happy birthday me.



and i cant figure out this thing. i had to edit an old post bc i couldn't write a new one, nor can i figure out how to look at my requests.



anyway.. happy birthday me! :]

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not happy with you guys

i feel very unloved right now. thanks. no picture comments nothing

chris jensen is clearly my only friend

aaannndddd i can move out. one problem. no roommates. anyone looking for one?

i'm clean quiet and i don't throw carazy parties. haha


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prom 07 pics

i went with the love of my life, mister Stephen Turner

just a few pics up from the night. alot were the same so ijust put a few

and i went to ren fest today. pretty sure some little nerdy kids asked to take a picture with me. i said ok. i find it funny when that happens.

anyway, leave some love. :]

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