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June 17, 2006

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music, Movies, Skateboarding, guitar, singing, hanging out with friends, going to shows, having lots of sex


Maylene and the sons of disaster, Underoath, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Strike Travesty, Get your Guns, As Cities Burn, ROCK, HARDCORE!!, Post-Hardcore, Screamo, Pop-Punk, Accoustic


Wedding Crashers, MAlcom X, Taking Lives, Beetle juice


Harry Potter, Sci Fi

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hello hello hello

blog diddy blog blog.

Whats up?

thought i would just get on this blog thing here and say some random things. Im think that there are some people i know here that are pretty much the "shady" type or whatever they call it. I've been thinking recently about this whole life thing, and im come to the conclusion that.. lifes worth every second you waste. so dont waste it.

There is more things in this world that ive come to notice and like more than ever before. I also think that no matter who kicks me out of whatever band im in or whatever band i start that im going to still always be making music or making another band. You cant stop me you assholes. Im tired of being kicked out and stuff but the next tinme i think im gonna be the one who kicks them out. 

Im tired of going out with girls who sit there and never do anything and just want to make out all the time.. it gets boring girls yes indeed it does.

But other thanthat, blogs are pointless because you will probobly make fun of me for writing whatever i wrote or infact think that im a big loser cuz i wrote all of this.

2 words.

fuck you.

everyone writes blogs from big fat fucking nerds to skinny hot bitches. its true and you know it and you probobly get on myspacce or phuse box 10 times a day to do it too.

anywho im done being dumb on here.

see ya later chiekcnedssa

im iss it.



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hello there i am boob manager jimmy.


i never  get on this. lol

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Yes mam

yes it is blink 182

yum differous.
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I posted another.

Hey there my friends, im sorry i dont come to phusebox often, but im glad your my friends on it!!! and if you have a myspace here is mine.

click here to go to MYspace
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Sonny bono

Hey there guys, i love you.
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