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March 05, 2007

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music, pictures, and laurens baby duckies



girl, interrupted


perks of being a wallflower, the gossip girl series

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im back.
but im not good at phusebox. i always forget its here. oh well, christmas is soon. and it was 82 like yesterday? where is the snow?


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going awayyyy. =)
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hm i dont know if i like this so much?

this is kinda boring to me now. no one ever remarks and i always forget to come check it. so i think im done with phusebox for now..=)byee.
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school tomorrow. im excited to find out about who is in my classes etc. but kinda dreading next monday. ive still got like 50 pages in the great gatsby. and im just kinda...watching a raisin in the sun? haha-have a good first day =)
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i think this is the hottest summer ever.

i like it alot. but it gets so hot upstairs and then at night its like below zero up here, so who knows. im going to dye some sheets today with amara and tina. that should be fun. i cant believe school starts next week. thats insane. oh well-ive had a good summer. a little less eventful than i though, but still it was good all in all.
bye =)
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