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May 15, 2007

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Kickin it with Friends, Going Shopping, Talking on the phone, Grubbin, Sleepin, Hangin w/ my baby Jacob and bein a football manager


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It has been a long time!

hey yall,

 Wow... it has been forever since I have been on this thing. I have gotten caught up with school and tryign to pass so that I can transfer to cumberland with my friend james who is moving from oregon out here in august. I cant wait! He is just the best friend that i could ever ask for. Well, i am gonna go do the family thing tonight!

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Life is Strange....

IT is amazing sometimes how your life can change in a second!
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Wow!  Buy these last few days have been so darn CRAZY! I am living on campus and LOVING IT! I have been so busy with football and then hanging out with everyone till really late and then having to go to sleep and wake up like 2 hours later and go to practice! Yesterday it was so funny that i asked what day it was! That is how wrapped up in football I have been!

Well i am going to go catch a couple hours of sleep! I just got back to the room and i am so exhuasted! Gotta b at practice at 3 this afternoon! PEACE!

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Hey i got a question... Did yall enjoy Brother Dean's Sermon this morning? I thought it was great!
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Hey guys i ususally dont blog twice in one day but i figured oh well...... my schedule for the fall semester is as follows!

English 1010-Expository Writing-MWF 8am-8:55am
Health 1530-Health and Wellness-TR 9:40am-10:35am
Lab Tues 8:00-8:55
Math 1000-Essentials of Math-TR 11:20am-12:45pm
Psychcology 1410-General Psychology-MWF 11:30am-12:25pm
University 1010- University Seminar-MWF 9:10am-10:05am

For a Total of 15 hours!

I have football everday at 1pm! Who knows how long it will last!

For the next 2 weeks i am going to be so bust with football! Everday! I have  a night practice on my birthday! I am sad! I had concert tickets but i guess i will have to sell them now! That really kinda sucks!

Does anyone else have any of the same classes as me? Hopefully i will know just one person in one of my classes!

Have a good day yall!

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