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July 10, 2007

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update on my life ♥


i got married.

moved to hawaii.



email me.



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this beauty is choking me;;; but at least it's your hands around my neck.

The previously mentioned boy? He's out of the picture. Between that post and this I've:

1.) Kissed a boy I NEVER would have thought I'd be kissing

2.) Been Fired.

3.) Been dumped

4.) Fallen in love with someone I can't have back.

5.) Dyed my hair blonde.

6.) Dyed my hair brown.

7.) Dyed my hair back to black.

i love you all.

horray for skipping school today!

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change ♥

New year.

New friends.

New boy.


he makes me smile. For the first time in about 4 months, I'm happy. I'm ready to take on the world.

He cares.

He spent new years with me.

Wrapped under a blanket next to the fire.

Then we went to breakfast.

It was a wonderful night.

It's been a wonderful 5 days.


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see all the people on the ground, wasting time.

wanna hear your voice out loud. slow it down slow it down.

i\'m crazy cold guys. make it stop.

i hate work. i hate school. i can\'t wait for turkey and gravy. and saterday, i\'m inviting myself to lance\'s house. so yep.

that\'s about it for my phusebox entry.

xanga still has my heart.

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It wasn\'t worth my time.

I\'m about to see a million things

I thought I\'d never see and I,

I\'m about to do all the things I dreamed of...

and I don\'t even miss you at all.

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