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Jaded even more...

My point with my last post about the invisible children was not to chastise anyone for their actions.  I apologize to anyone who is investing their time and effort into this movement who I may have offended.  The point I was attempting to make was one of realism and politics, not of moral doctrine.  I know the verses that speak of caring for those who cannot care for themselves.  I am not ignorant of, nor am I insensitive to these passages.  My point was to try and get the people who are demanding a governmental intervention to count the cost.  Why should we tell our government to do something if we are not willing to do it ourselves.  If this is something that is so important to you, join the Peace Corps or some other internationally affiliated organization and make a change yourself.  But when this nation is in such debt that the Congress had to approve a new debt ceiling of $9 trillion, that's right, trillion, it would be irresponsible and illogical of our government to send enough money and troops to make this problem go away.  We already have a bull's eye on our back, and any involvement, at least uni-laterally, will have nothing buy negative repercussions for this nation.  I am not saying that the people who participate in Saturdays sleep in or out or whatever it is called are stupid and wasting their time.  I am asking them to seriously consider the ramifications of their participation before acting in such a strong manner.


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Jaded by the Invisible Hoop-La

I am not insensitive to the plight of the Ugandan children, it is a horrible travesty that they must walk for miles to avoid abduction into a para-military group. However, I am tired of hearing everyone demand that the United States government step in and end this "war." Uni-lateral actions on our part is the reason that the majority of the world hates us. That is why terrorists attack us, why the new Prime Minister of Iran says he will not enter into diplomatic discussions with us untill we stop acting like we own everything. Osama Bin Laden's latest message to the Ji-had warriors pleaded with them to go fight in the Sudan. The terrorist battle is moving to Africa, and an armed U.S. presence will only make things worse. So if this is something you really feel adamant about, then do something more than go sleep in front of a Target in an affluent neighborhood in Franklin. Support our troops through letters and messages, let your senators and representatives know how you feel. But don't limit your voice to a mock camping trip. Make sure that you step up and do more than sit. Speak, write, yell, if necessary but don't get caught up in the band wagon of good will without counting the cost of what you are calling for.
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i don't wanna grow up...

growing up means making actual decisions that have tangible impacts on the rest of your life. 

it sounds great to grow up in theory, until you have to pay for this and that, and your advisor says she can't help you until you pick a major...

ben moser's post made me think back to when everything was fun, and if it wasn't fun, then you made it fun through some stretch of the imagination...

i miss those days...

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back to reality...

well kids, it is that time of the year again.  the time when robert realizes that he sincerley wants to win the lottery so that he does not have to the whole "school/work/study/not get enough sleep" thing.

classes are good so far.  i am registered for 13 hours, 10 of which are in the Honors department, so this semester is going to be considerably more difficult than last time around.  but on a more positive note, i usually excell when i am challenged.

the bookstore is constantly packed with people who apparently cannot read or else they would not need my help to find their books.

if you didn't know, i will tell you now: Damascus Road, the band that melts your face with its amazing guitar solos, played last night, and they did phenomenally!  Justin Holt continues to amaze me, and Josh Vance continues to surprise me his vocal improvement (he gets better and better every time i hear him)

i know that they are having a great time and are being faithful to God's will in their lives, but i miss my friends.

my mom is a pretty cool lady, for those of you who don't know my mom, if you get a chance to talk to her, do so.  i reccomend it.

i see so much of myself in my little brother that it is scary.  maybe he will be smart enough to use my mistakes for his benefit.

for the one negative attitude remark:  do your best to keep your opinion about other people's lives to yourself unless they ask you.  you have no idea how much damage can be done through seemingly simple remarks that find their way back to that person. 


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Christmas thoughts...

In the news recently there have been a lot of complaints from evangelical Christians about stores not saying \"Merry Christmas\" and instead saying \"Happy Holidays\" or something of that sort. It seems like last year the \"Christians\" were complaining about commercialism and now it\'s semantics. I sincerley wish that people who get so bent out of shape over such stupid things would quit calling themselves Christians. If something so meaningless can get you all in a tiff about Christmas, I truly think you have missed the whole point of the season. Also, just for something to think about, If the Christians were not out at stores buying gifts and feeding the commercialism monster, which they so fervently complain about, they wouldn\'t hear any body say \"Happy Holidays\" Get with the program people, it\'s not about gifts or what people say, it\'s about our Savior. ral

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