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Emily W.

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January 01, 2015

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God, soccer, cross country, juggling, CCC youth, canoeing, white water rafting, driving my altima. oh wait i wrecked it. dang., kayaking, sports, ultimate frisbee, nashville predators, frisbee golf, football, doubles tennis, playing in the rain, mission trips, Ecuador, Northern Ireland, broadcasting, anchoring, journalism, Braves, Spanish


Postal Service, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, America, The Beatles, Alabama, Coldplay, Lifehouse, Guster, Blind Melon, James Taylor, Lynard Skynard, Damien Rice, Scissor Sisters, Norah Jones, Billy Joel, Billy Idol, Relient K, U2, The Elms, Mae, The Afters, Incubus, Ben Harper, Ben Folds, Kelly Clarkson, ..


Life is Beautiful, Office Space, Runaway Bride, Bambi, Catch Me If You Can, The Fugitive, You Got Mail, Sixteen Candles, Italian Job, Ocean's Eleven, Gone in 60 Seconds, !


the Bible, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, anything by Roald Dahl.. he was my favorite as a kid..

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oh phoey


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senioritis at its finest. [diagnosed 3 years ago]

2 hours of my senior year of high school

is all i have experienced.


i'm done.

can i please skip out on the rest of the this year.?

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help me bomb the delta hqs??


ugh life...  BAH

Ecuador was good stuff. i have pictures up on myspace and facebook. but way too lazy to put them on here..

been playing a lot of tennis. very enjoyable

ultimate frisbee tonight at church!! : )

friday i leave for Northern Ireland, another mission trip : ) but i'm really not looking forward to another long plane ride. Delta made the flight to Ecuador insanely awful.. hate hate hate delta. this time i'm flying u.s. scareways. doubtful it'll be much better.

used to enjoy flying. life happened. and i got a.d.d.

then when i get back on the 23rd.
july 24-25:: ::lake day with my church and the KELSEY is coming.
first time we'll really get to hang out without having to elude the gov. school officials. + tubing + jumping off houseboats + trying to avoid sunburn as my senior pics commence two days later.. eeeee

whats not to like?

good bye family
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who wants to help save emily?!!

this is Kelsey Shearron... and i am the very concerned friend of dear emily windham...

if you havent heard shes been forced to go to a Nazi camp held at MTSU for the remander of the week! (aka GIRLS STATE)

first you must understand that emily DOES NOT like her own sex at all ...she does not understand the concept of make-up or girl talk or socializing or the color pink

two, you must know.. there isnt a drop of testosterone in this Nazi camp

three, if you know know that singing and politics are NOT her thing at all! emily cannot carry a tune...she doesnt enjoy singing in front of large groups of shiny clean barbie-like girls and she most definitely does not want to sit in a meeting all day discussing the means of politics!

she asked me to also inform you that she has forgotten the sweet feeling of what summer is supposed to be like and can no longer remember what a computer looks like....

pray hard kids!

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class of 06,

don't leave me with 07.
i don't like them.
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