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May 26, 2007

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hmm i do this:... guitar, soccer, god, sing, act, umm... find my place in life... thats all


fallout boy, hawthorne heights, anberlin, weezer, senses fail... stuff like that


ladder 49, phantom of the opera, lords of dogtown, and the cat in the hat... heck yeh


me... ? read...? hah!

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hmm... just great!!!

so on top of me getting my car...

i also managed to get a job making an average of 10 to 15 an hour.

like yesterday... i worked for not even 7 hours... and made over 100 dollars.

and thats amazing for a 16 year old.

so yeah...

but a couple of bad things happened on my first 2 days of work.

1- i managed to lock my keys in my car. as well as my phone.

2- some girl who USED to work with me stole 21 dollars from me and it had to come out of MY paycheck.

but yeah...

i have a great car.

a better job.

and an amazing girlfriend.

so take that!.

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So i got one..

I, Christopher G. Slate, am the current owner of a new infiniti!

its blue.

its pretty.

its fast!

who wants to hang out?

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So Im Conceited?


but let me point out these things.

i wasnt complaining at all about driving the pathfinder... after all... its a nice car.  but i want a car of my own that i can call mine... just like any other 16 year old.

another thing i should mention... a lot of people called me selfish because they said i wasnt buying the car... well news flash ladies and gentlemen... i am!

so... basically what every single person just commented about... theyre guilty of themselves... this meaning they are hypocrites.

i dont like hypocrites commenting on my posts.

so dont.

p.s. Kim Possible. thanks for the message you sent me... it really did mean a lot.

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For real... be honest...

Is what i said in ANY way selfish, stuck uo, or spoiled?

cuz i think its not but some guard priss freak thinks it is...

so is it?



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Im getting my license in a week from tomorrow...

however, every car that i am planning on getting ends up being sold or SOMETHING prevents me from getting it.  what the crap!

I was supposed to get a Porsche.      SOLD

I was supposed to get a Trooper.      not sold but still technical difficulties

I was supposed to get a land rover.   not sold but not as good as i thought

I was supposed to get a Miata.          Not sold but not as good as i thought

I was supposed to get a Explorer.     Its in New Jersy and my mom wont make the drive

I was supposed to get a Civic.          SOLD

I was supposed to get a custom Civic EX.     my mom is finding any way for me not to

so ya see... why get a license if i have no car to drive?

ugh... this sucks.


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