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September 15, 2009

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Running, art, friends, cross country, listening to storms, rain, obsessing over penguins!


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Life Blows Up In Your Face

So I hate being emo, but I really hate everything right now. I hate some friends and family and I don't understand anything. All I really know is I hate Christmas and I want out of da' Boro as soon as I can.
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Ok, so I have been single for quite some time now, I jsut never get on this to change my status or blog.

XC season was amazing this year. The girls rocked and we are just amazing. Senior year has made me realize many things. I am incredible (self confidence is growing I think), the less I care the happier I am, and that I just go to school to sit down. Well that is about it.

BTW, I have been accepted at MTSU and UTC. Hopefully my mom will let me go and allow me to attend UTC.

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Regions '06

So regions was today in cross country, ending most of our teams season. Many emotions going into and out of this meet. Nervous to do the expected, excited to do well, scared to do bad, anxious to get started. The running actually didn't take that long, it is all a blur. I feel as if I skimmed through it. After the race earing 22:03 as I passed through the line made me happy, a personal record by 1 second feels as good as a PR by 22 seconds. And now I am exhausted and my legs want to give up and my feet hurt with ever step, other great feelings of great accomplishment! :)
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I am bored...abviously since my title tells you that and because this is my first blog since August. I leave for Disney World on Wednesday! YAY! My camera died...damnit, damnit, damnit. It is almost my 2 month anniversary with Max, weird? Kind of stupid I know when an insignificant anniversary is? Senior year is great, yet not as exciting as I was hoping it would be. Season only has about a month left of it :'( I ran a great race yesterday according to Coach Salty, but he doesn't realize that my times aren't going down, they are almost the exact same. I am getting really annoyed about that, but at least they aren't going up. That's about my life right now.
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Senior Year

My senior year is going to be the best year of high school! I have good classes (at least a friend in each!), great cross country season, and I have a great personality and attitude going into it!

We Ready...'07!

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