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June 12, 2007

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Sorry I never update this thingy! Well, I will try to do better.  Drama is in full swing now for A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Cross Country is offically over, which is sad, but we still have banquet and formal so thats good.  School is pretty good, I just HATE Espanol!!!!!  And as for my life... right now it is pretty confusing!!!! Ahhhh (some of you know what I am talking about) Well thats about all!

I love you all!!


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so i am offically sad.... i never get comments.....Well i have decided to start keeping a real journal and it is going pretty well. I really like being able ot write my private thoughts down without worrying about people reading them... and it also makes me be able to vent to it rather than taking it out on friends. ya know what i mean?

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okay i\'m bored so i\'ll update. School this year is amazing!!! It is hard but my classes are great. The only one i dont like is my 2nd! so its all good! i think my favorites are 3rd and 6th though! Well suppers ready so i gots to go! ttyl! Anna
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i really don\'t like to write in these thingys but i still get on sometimes so if you want to leave me comments you can!!!
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no more

I don\'t think i\'m going to write in this anymore.....
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