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May 03, 2007

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GOD!! Dancing, acting, swimming, and acting retarded!!


I love ROCK!! Yummy!! DEATH TO COUNTRY MUSIC!! I love Story of The Year, Jack Johnson, The Killers, The Bravery, The Postal Service, Pillar, Hawthorne Heights, Modest Mouse, Foo Fighters, Falling Up, December Radio.....


I love scary movies!!



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Ups and downs

So this semester has really tested my faith...I've done well in some areas but I still feel that emptiness...I've done things I wish I didn't but we all make mistakes...I've become stronger because of them but it feels like I'm getting farther away...My trust has been tested and I know I have patience wears thin and I feel like I'm about to break...I need God more than ever...He has gotten me through so much and without Him I don't know where I would be...He has tested alot of friendships and thank You for getting rid of the bad ones...thankyou for making me realize money has no power over me...Ever since highschool I've gone back to my depression but God always seems to save me from my own insanity...I can't imagine my life without Him...I was so blessed this summer when I went to Dominican Republic...I would give anything to go back there...that place made me feel at peace and I was away from all distractions and all the drama that constantly pulls me down...I thought I would die alone but the whole time You were by my side...Thankyou for keeping my head on straight and making me refocus...without You I would be nothing...You have saved my life and I praise You for it. From the bottom of my heart I love you and I wish there was a way for me to repay you for saving my life. These tears are not only pain but also joy because when I feel the lowest and I feel like I can't go on...You keep me going and I know I can do anything through You. You are my strength and my rock. You are my best friend. No one will ever break our bond. We are unbreakable. Keep me strong and don't let these wordly temptations take me away. I don't want to go back to where I was...I love you...and I always will. You are my one and only true love. You are my desire...thankyou for each breathe I take...I love you forever and into eternity
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Hey guys!! At the beginning of July I'm going to the Dominican Republic!! I know how crazy is that...anywho in the DR a person makes a $100 a month=around $1200 a year. I'm going with many others to help try to finish building an orphanage that they've been building for 5 years. If you guys would like to donate money to help buy materials so we are able to keep building it would be amazing if you could. God works in mysterious ways and its so true. If you would like to donate some doesn't even have to be alot call me, find me, text me...whatever! I can't wait for July because its going to be a life changing experience and that...I can't wait!!
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Mmm hmm

Phusebox sucks!!
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What a weekend...

Haha yeah it was one of the best...well other than working it was amazing!! On Saturday I got to go see Backseat Goodbye a.k.a Chad Sugg does his thing and then HELLOGOODBYE!! WOOOO!! It was so much fun!! Then I got to meet them and take pictures with 3/4 of the band. Jesse was in the bus....STUPID!! But I groped their boobies in my seen as my profile pic....Then me y amigos went to Logans.....yeah pretty sure I got gravy spilled allllll over me......and the waitress cried but I told her it was alright and don't worry about it. She helped me get it out...but I smelled like gravy the whole night....chilled in Nashville awhile and went clubbing....HAHA that was interesting....

"I'm exhaustion...."-Kristin Lanae

..........I'm hungry....and I need to get my passport for Dominican Republic!! Yay!! I can't wait...its going to be a life changing experience!! Well I'm skipping my class right now....hmmm I should probably head to my next one.....*sigh*

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What a week....

So yeah what a freaking week!! I almost got hit by a car....walking to class....accidently hit a car but it wasn't alot of damage.....uber voice....very weak.....uhhhhh
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