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August 18, 2009

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God, Music, Guitar, Piano, Singing......, computer


Everything but rap and country


Balto, Fiddler on the Roof, and all Jackie Chan


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My bike

I spent $1500 on this. It's my new baby :-). all that's left it to get insurance on it tomorrow and I can start riding.
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Studied to the max...

Well, I've studied all I can handle for now. I've studied for 2 days strait and I'm finding myself staring blankly at my book. I'm exhausted and overworked. I'm going to study more tonight, but I probably won't be able to study much without falling asleep.

I don't know if it's a consolation or not to know that this is going to be the best I can do.
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I'm almost positive I'm going to bomb my Old Testament final.

The last test took a HUGE amount of time to study for and it was only over 70 pages. This one is over ~250 pages. I can't afford to devote that much time to it because I would sacrifice my other tests for this one.

If I make below a 65 I fail the class, if I make a 92 I get a B.... This test matters a lot
I'm stressed.
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Me and Adam were amazing once again :-)
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So, the beginning of the semster was really rough and I was worried about some of my classes. I was actually worried about failing one of them, and then just having low grades in some other.... I decidied that dropping classes wasn't an option so I started do a pretty insane amount of study for some of my tests.

This is what I was worried my grades would be:
Psych-     C
Old Test- C or D
CIS-        B
Algebra-  F
Eng-        ??? no idea

Now this is what I think I'm going to end with:
Psych-     A
Old Test- B
CIS-        A
Algebra-  B??
Eng-        ??? no idea

I don't know about english because she litterally hasn't taken a single grade yet.... she has a weird grading system, so I can't even guess what I'll have in there, but I'm thinking maybe an A or B (hopefully). With my tests I made a 95 on my last Algebra test and a 100 on my last Psych test. I'm waiting on my old testemant test. It's not at all because these classes are easy, it's cuz I'm stuyding my butt off for these tests. So I was worried, but I'm doing well now. :-)

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