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February 15, 2007

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Clarinet, Computer, going to the movie, reading, drawing for no good reason, home made ice cream, laying in the sun, baking, strawberries, georgia peaches, watching cartoons, building forts in my living room with my little sis and bro.


Martina McBride, Sara Evans, Allen Jackson, Switchfoot, Rascal Flatts, Disney's greatest hits


Phantom of the Opera & The Princess Bride, Lion King, Run away Bride, 16 candels, the Neverending Story, Snow White, Cinderella, All Dogs go to heaven, Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, REd WAter, sound of Music, Alice in Wonderland


Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The Lion, the Witch and the Wordrobe, Left behind series, Bewear Princess Elizabeth, A Time to Kill, She said yes,

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The New Puppy.... Carmen

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SO we came in second by .7 points!!!!

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So i just got home from shopping for the Clarinet basket for the Pancake Breakfast. Two hours of shopping for dog toys. OMG...

Football game was fun. Preformance was good also.

13 days till my Birthday. 13 Days till the Oakland Game. 13 day till i am no 16 anymore. SO you know how people come up to you and ask so what do you want for your birthday. well... i had that alot lately and i have no idea. I mean normally by now i would have a mile long list but this year i only have two things. a tide pen and the Veggie Tales soundtrack for my car.

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So band camp is finally over. Totally exhausted. 19 days until my birthday. I get to drive my car on friday,  i am so ready. So Here is my school schedule.

Early Day- English 4 Honors

1st- Chemistry Honors

2nd- Teachers Aid (Honors Biology)

3rd- Pre-Cal Honors

4th- Band

5th- U.S. History


So yeah you know how i said my b-day is is 19 days. well yeah it is on a Friday and we have a football game that night against OAKLAND at home. isn't that just grand. well i bet my mom is going to make the band sing and all that jazz. fun stuff. RIGHT?

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PRE-CAMP is finally over... now 2 days to rest, get my body recouperated (sp), then start all over again with band camp. Started Drill last night. Our freshman are all pretty good. we have i think 13 but i dont know they all kind of mold together.
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