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December 11, 2008

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yeah. so the new year has happened, and.....sara came over today. i got quite a few remarks on that last one, but not the record because sara got the record. heh. It's spring break. ha, that's all i have to say.
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I think it\'s time to update. It\'s been over a month...

symposium was today, and it wasn\'t as bad as I thot it would be. so thats a plus. ha. and I don\'t really have that much to say. I never do! ahhh...
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I totally forgot about this Everything\'s so different. I might start using this again...iono. I guess you\'ll fine out...just a little update of nothing.
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Okay.... I don\'t think I am going to use this anymore. I still like xanga better... I will just use this to leave remarks or comments or w.e. you wanna call them.

If ya wanna find out about my life, go to

Bye bye!
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well, this week went by a lot faster than last week, which is still pretty slow. Friday was the football game. We won! But, I started off the performance very badly.
After the football game, I went to Steak and Shake with the people for Grace\'s birthday. It was pretty cool.
Saturday, this morning, we had yet another performance. It was better, but it was just one thing after another.
I have a lot of homework.
The end.
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