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October 08, 2005

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God, church, colorguard, singing, friends.


broadway soundtracks, oldies.


moulin rouge, grease, the breakfast club.


the house next door, dovey coe, fever 1793.

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Why is everything always so confusing???
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yoo hoo

yoo hoo...anybody there???
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Alas...Band Camp

Band camp is tomorrow...9 am-9pm...BRING IT ON!

I am ready for band camp as surprising as that may sound lol. It is gonna be in the 80\'s all week so hopefully it won\'t be so hot . Colorguard is pulling together quite nicely...i am proud of all you new girls! We learned 12 sets yesterday and it isn\'t even band camp yet! (for those who don\'t speak band language...that means that we pretty much learned how to march the whole first song)

During the drum solo we get to do this awesome dance...where the whole band backs out and the drumilne and the colorguard pretty much have the spotlight...this show is gonna be awesome! I can\'t wait til our first game! Have a great rest of the summer!

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It is now...15 minutes til eleven and i am about to go to update on my life this week.

I have been outside in the heat of the day for two days i am partially burnt, my hand hurts like crap from doing sabers (i busted a blood vessel yesterday and i have been roughing it today) and our colorguard as a whole this year is gonna be amazing! I really mean it.

I will be in the sun from 9 in the morning til 9 at night all next week except for lunch and dinner you probably won\'t hear from me again until school starts...i hope you guys have a great rest of the summer...enjoy what you have!


ANNETTE FINALLY CALLED ME DUKEY! Then she tried to cover is up and say she said duke because that is my last name...but i know she didn\'t...haha it\'s just funny because she basically refused to call me that and that\'s prolly the only time in her life she will ever call me dukey...i\'m just all smiles haha.
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Band is approaching slowly but surely...

This last week before band is gonna be the last week i have a life for a long time and it\'s going to be very jam packed because i am a major procrastinator.

I am not going to have a life except for band...and while it sounds like that sucks...I CAN\'T WAIT! I am messed up i know, but everyone else in band/guard knows what i am talking about lol. Colorguard is going to be amazing this year...i can\'t wait!


It was sooo much fun getting to see everyone last night!!! I missed all my band friends!! My life is slowly but surely about to be handed over to the band...bring it on.

*edit 2*
All of my Fahrenheit crap is FINISHED! Now i just gotta read the cliff notes for silas marner and write THAT paper...what joy.
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