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December 15, 2005

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I love to worship God, dance, write poetry, go to church, sleep, and do anything the Lord calls me to do!


anything (yes, including opera)


the phantom of the opera, wizard of oz, ever after


Holes, Hoot, The Good Book

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ok im really back now!

i keep on neglecting my phuse box duties.. sorry bout that! lol but yea siegel has been amzing so far... it was so much better than i expected! i have made so many friends and i love it... all i have to say is... SIEGEL O9!!!
yes yes! well... im gonna try and do phuse box more than i have been doing it... i promise ill try! lol bye you guya

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so im back

and yawl suck at leaving comments.... my hair highlighted and cut today.... and im bored bye

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i updated....happy? lol.... i have nothing to do....
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yes, the last post was my sis

i didnt write that! all of that is true, though.... and i do love sonuts....but i am not obsessive! promise! lol....anyways.... today i have done absolutely nuthing....but get in the pool.....jenny came over and talked for a while...shes getting married in NINE FREAKING DAYS!!! im so excited....i am officially the wedding helper! lol....anyways.... im tired and i am going to go!

fOrEvEr aNd aLwAyS mY bAbY yOuLl bE!!!

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Fun fun fun

OMG I AM HAVING THE BEST DAY EVER!! Chelsea and Brittney came over and we had so much fun!! We just acted retarded and we made a skit for when the pizza guy I am eating donuts....DONUTS....DONUTS...DONUTS...DONUTS....DONUTS...DONUTS....YUMMY YUMMY I LOVE DONUTS....
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