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May 17, 2007

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God, singing, youth group, dreaming, playing the guitar, hanging out with my friends, wakeboarding, painting, dancing, boys, trying to be positive...


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Tommy Boy!!!, How To Deal, Here On Earth, Alot Like Love, Office Space, Troy, The Notebook, Diary Of A Mad Black Woman, The Butterfly Effect, A Walk To Remeber, Remember The Titans!!!


Candy, A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, Blue if For Nightmares, , White Is Magic, Elsewhere, umm... The Bible!!! haha... im not a big reader

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Life is going by so extremely fast

I have written on here and forever- I miss Phusebox!

But like I said life has changed so fast, im so nervous to see what my future will be like, but I know and hope it will be awesome . I know it will because I have God in my life, and I know there are going to be ups and downs, but with God beside me im ok.

Life does go by so fast, this place we live in is only brief because were we will be going is even greater. So I guess what Im trying to say is we all should try to live out as best we know for the time we have left , but live it for God and what he wants because he gave me life so I should make my life on what he wants for me , not myself.

Everyone should go and listen to Jason Morant... his music is amazing. This song called Hosanna is so powerful! Definately listen to the whole song!

I hope everyone is having a great week!

God bless


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destinnnnnnnnnn i love u =)!

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I will be there tomorrow -tuesday!!!

SO if u live in Quebec and Montreal maybe I will just see ya!

cya people---sarah


<33333nickyp... I will rem his face till I get back hahahaha

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3 of my friends in the hospital...from our school... pray for..

Katie O'neil

AC Black

Ginny Blair

=(.... I know we all say things happen for a reason bc God has a purpose for everything... but it is sometimes hard to believe that, but it is true. So when you pray , and if you pray , pray for those sweet sweet girls.

ALSO realize this :I know we are all like omg my life is horrible blahblahblah... well at least we our breathing, at least we are living... so pick yourself up some how and realize at least I am here... bc I am here for a reason ... even not knowing why im here.. but Im here and THAT should be a reason that u should forget the sadness and realize HEY im living ..................

so stop being sad for yourself if your not in the hospital on an oxygen tank wondering if ur going to live

pray for those girls


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<3them to death =)

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