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April 12, 2007

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i guess i could update.

summers been pretty good, really busy.

but its been slowin down.

went to disney world, HAWAII, and church camp with white water rafting.

all were amazing, but im looking foward to relaxin nowadays. if thats a word.

church tonight, then plea for purging show on fri. should be pretty suuhweet.

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went to the show at sports com tonight.

it was pretty good.

until the cops came.

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super flyyy

I ate a whole pizza today.

I have percussion xs for the next five days.

So I didn't go to church tonight.

I wanna do something to my hair.

Dye it or something.

I don't think my maja will let me tho.

California white is the best pizza. buy it.

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no way jose

there are more people that are "addicted to starbucks" than there are Christians. what kind of world is this.

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mmm hmmm

target is one of the best stores ever. i decided that today.

music and basketball is really the only things keeping me happy.

life is still extremely boring.

oh well God has a reason for everything.

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