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August 08, 2006

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God, my baby(ronnie), my friends, acting, singing, dancing(while no one is looking), reading good books, johnny depp, aim, not to much, oh cheesy pick up lines, degrassi, family guy, american dad, chapelle show, johnny depp(oh did i say that already), just plain having fun


dont have a faviorite but ill name a few of the ones i like. the darkness, kelly clarkson, guns n roses, acdc, queen, GC, jorney, savege garden, black eyed peas, outkast, afroman, nine inch nails, pink floyd, marylin manson, afi, godsmack, backstreet boys, nsync, red hot chilly peppers, lenny kravitz, jack johnson, bob marley, white stripes, jessica simpson, garth brooks, keith urban, george strait, blink 182, bowling for soup, papa roach, alien ant farm, system of a down, britney spears, yellow card, hoobastank, some of 50 cent,


lots of them agian. all of the ones with johnny depp in them, lord of the rings, american beauty, rocky horror picture show, tennage mutant niga turtles, austin powers, harry potter, 10 things i hate about you, stars wars, forest gump, the notebook, dodgeball, anchorman, hitch, POTC, how to lose a guy in 10 days, charlie and the choclate factory, clue, scary movie 1 2 3, dr. dolttle(the original), hercules, disney ones, 50 first dates, homemade ones,


harry potter, i like most of judy blumes stuff, i like nora roberts, the wind in the willows, winnie the pooh, ella enchanted, sisterhood of the traveling pants, lemony snicket, to kill a mockingbird,

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Finally I have my prom pics on here and soon i will have my new york pics from a year ago.

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So its been awile

so life has been good i am a little sick now. yesterday i could barely talk and today it seems to be better. so yeah. i got some new pics up on here. well outty.
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Ok so I have been sick and very delusional so yesterday I thought I was hungry and so I made some toast well it burnt so I put some cinnamon and sugar on it and then I made myself 2 more pieces and then 2 more pieces then 1 more b/c there was just on piece left. And then I ate it all so I ate 7n pieces of toast yesterday so I have decided to not take Nyquil during the day again. Lol. So yeah I was all like weird we are all I just didn’t start calling random people I think that was only one of the times I thought about what I was doing be4 I did it. Lol. Ok well yeah I haven’t updated in a while but I finally have some friends I and I am going to put up some new pics soon so that will be good.


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ok so ronnie and i have been fighting a little lately but all is good. he is going ot get a computer soon so that will be good. but oh well. got to go.
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