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December 26, 2006

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hanging with friends, soccer, track, singing, dance, fashion, goin to the movies, going to the mall, BOYS, music, politcs, law(i wanna be a lawyer), being active(i hate having nothing to do), and enjoying life and living it to the fullest


rap, pop, and basically anyhting that i can dance to


swat, sweet home alabama, harry potter(all of them), legally blond, anger managment, the day after tomorrow, etc


i dont read much, but i love harry potter books

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~:* where has the year gone*:~

ok so..... so far the yr has gone great. still single but thats ok. i really need to start working on my scholarship stuff. golly where has the yr gone.

so homecomming was awesome. i really enjoyed it this yr. i really like performing in dance off...that was a lot of fun.

so its fall break and im at utk visiting a friend of mine. i really like it here. i feel like im free but at home....if that makes any sence to you.

oh i finally got my sr pic when i get back to school i can pass them out.

so i rejoined the youth group at my church and am enjoying it. im goin on a retreat next weekend....which should be a lot of fun. then at the end of the month is model un. and i cant wait for that cause thats always really fun.

how is everyone else?



keep it real and smile lots

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new year started up a few weeks ago. i like all my classes....i dont htink i will get bored in any of them. which is good. I was supper excited to c everyone again. now i'm tring to stay busy. but yeah i had an awesome summer and from what i hear most everyone else did too! which is awesome. i joined student council and key club this yr. so im excited about that and i heard about a mock group starting up at our school so i will deffinatly have to check that out. Senior yr really is awesome!!!!!!!


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SO it's summer.......i've stayed pretty busy. i got a job at the shoney's on broad. i'm a waitress. it's cool there...i'm one of the young ones. but it's all good.                                                              

Lauren d. and i r goin to fl in a week and a half. we leave on the 16th at night and get back a week later. whop whoop....we r gonna have so much fun!!!! i can't wait to go back to the beach!!!!! it's so beautiful there.

so this summer i have been working nd hanging out with friends. i have gone camping( for the first time in my life a couple of weeks ago and i went and saw superman a week ago with stephen. i'm not a superman fan.....but i loved that movie...i almost cried once or twice...and i dont cry in movies.

well, amanda's off in germany now. i hope she has an awesome trip. hmmmm yeah and everyone else seems to be goin on vacation too. hmmmm oh yeah i got my sr. pic proofs back today!!!!! omg i love them!!!!!!! now i have to pick which one to go in the yr book...hmmmm decisions decisions....oh well i have a few weeks to decide.

later..keep it real and smile


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hey so one more day till we are free!!!!!!  whoop whoop!

so this weekend i hung out w/ friends and watched some of them graduate. ~:*tear*:~ and today i basically did nothing in class. during 5th i played basketball with the guys and i sucked...but hey least i tried.

so till summer i plan to have a lot of fun.

i can't believe I'm are seniors...... whoop whoop!!!

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ok so i'm really sad about the sr's leaveing. my friends and i have been talking about how crazy it all being sr's. i'm gonna miss all my sr. friends ...keep it touch.

so my friend jordan and i have been hanging out a lot lately. he and some of his friends taught me how to play halo monday night. and i that was cool. so now i know how to play whoop whoop!!



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