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September 12, 2008

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basketball, church, parties, friends, movies, music, horses, campin, shoppin, sleepin, photography


anthing that i like


Save the Last Dance, The Notebook, Elizabethtown, Remember the Titans, any ORIGINAL Disney movie :-)


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Hrmm.... haven

My birthday has passed...... im 18! yayayayayyayayaya!

Geez kids! why didn't you let me know how long its been since i've updated...... but guess what.... after friday..... we have only 3 weeks of school........   and...... next week is senior week!   hrmm... what have yahl been up to?     lub yahl!


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coming home!

so sometime within the next couple of hours, we will be leaving the mounatins of west virginia and come home! I miss home (sadly) I won't be home in time for school tomorrow, but i will be home for work (YAY :-( ) and I'll have to go to middle's library and work on the research paper! ahhh.....

yea so dad's not as upset about me goin into airforce as i thought he would be!

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Yay for the weekend!

Ok so yea, I know i'm a nerd, but hey, someone has to do it! haha! But TGIF!~!!!!!! I'm goin outta town tonight, how exciting! (well besides the fact its for my g-parents 60th wedding anniversary, but I'm happy for them!) Won't come back till monday night or tuesday morning!  then next friday is SENIOR SKIP DAY!!!! so i have a whole 2 days to attend school next week! Can't wait!   GUESS WHAT GUYS.... 23 days, I'll be 18!
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Today I'm mucho confused! -relationships?-life?-future?-career?-airforce?-basketball?-

need to stop worrying about everything! my birthday is in like 3 weeks, and i should be looking foward to it!

I'm goin into the Air Force, should be looking foward to that too! Well i'm stoked about it, but just confused right now!  :-(



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So school is going well, but we graduate in like 3 mons!!!! I'm kinda gettin tired of comin..... work is ok... its work, what else is there to say about that? Friends are good, and wow.... at like 9:30 last night, I had a valentine! YAY! (don't ask!)   I was sick all week last week, and had to miss school on thursday, leave early friday! But I'm all better now.... another short week for me too, we got out monday, and 1/2 day on friday! YAY!!!!  but I will come back and write more for you.... love you guys!!!!!      mj*

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