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November 18, 2007

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reading, writing, sketching, Star wars, Marvel, pool, anime, fantasy, science fiction, singing, chess, card games, ancient civilizations, mythology, JROTC, guitars, friends, art, scrabble, cranium, watching old movies, music, people watching, my two very adorable and big dogs, and perhaps a guy who isn't a narcicist has a decent iq and isnt a that too much to ask???? well apparently....... yes, yes it is


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just got back from eurpoe and finally catched up on my sleep

so hows everyone doing?

anyways this is goint to be a very long blog seeing as everyone has
missed out on a week of my life and everyone needs to know about it
in short
it was cold dirty and the people in paris are ruder than those in london but they have better food

so i guess i should beghin at the beginning seeing as that is where stories usually begin
wed 14/3/07
departure for london
went to choir practice for 2 hours and got out of school unlike several hundred other people
got to start my spring break 3 days early
went home and made sure i packed everything and rode to the airport with edwards and her parents
looooong plane rides
2 hours to Detroit

inside joke IS THAT A MUFFIN? And mutant hand

 9 hours to london
it becomes thursday somewhere in the air

thurs 15/3/07
met julie my tourguide (we call her mum)

hung out with swiftie's mom a.k.a. mummie

met coach driver a.k.a. lawrence=coolest guy in london :P


we go to the airport and the customs people act like we're the scum of the earth but at this point i don't really care

we get to go to windsor castle♥i thought it was pretty cool
i didn't take any pictures because i forgot my camera in my cheked bag

went to mcdonald's where kalli decides to try and pay the guyin euros
and he looked at us like we were crazy btw chicken strips were 6 pounds
that's $12! but mcdonalds there has deli sandwiches and muffins
we got some good fudge though and the guy that was selling it was really nice and cute
saw the castle
very big
and pretty
and had lots of shiny stuff in it
went to the hotel (i was roomed with laura beth)
ate dinner there it was pretty good
didn't get any mashed potatoes but
their cake was amazing
and stayed up talking
took a nice shower
kindof got sleep

fri 16/3/07
laughed because you were still in school
ate breakfast

Drove around in a coach w/lawrence

saw michael jackson

bought a fadora♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

saw les meserables and it was Mazing!!!!

sat 17/3/07

woke up

ate an orange

to a church and wasted an hour practicing (stupidness) had our concert
and met a cute little french woman who missed the concert and she was
sad because she missed it :{

spent 3 hours at
harrods (well actually we only spent like an hour there we spent the
rest of the time at hyde park having a picnic :})

ate dinner [fish&&chips!!!!]

then went on a giant bicycle wheel and saw london from waaaaaaaaaaaaay up high

packed for paris

said bye to lawrence :'{

sun 18/3/07

got on a ferry (this was fun)

saw dover (pretty)

got my sea legs and saw people get sick

oh and also learned how to be posh (air hair lair)♥

got some amazing spaghetti

and the mostest amazing chocolate mousse in the entire world

went to the eiffel tower and it was cold windy and raining and we got attacked by some crazy salesmen

mon 19/3/07

saw paris on the autobus

went to the louvre

saw lots of sculptures

and the mona lisa (it wasn't that amazing)

went shopping

spent all my $$$$$

ate some good mashed potatoes and some weird sorbet

went to a church

i didn't go

we went to see artists in a little square

freakout at the end of the day

tues 20/3/07

went to versailles

got attacked by salespeople

went shopping

saw versailles castle

more shopping

ate dinner[creme caramel is GROSS!]


wed 21/3/07

went home
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we did ok
but it's over
and that feels amazing!!!!
so now i get to go to europA
and see everything there is to see
(well not everything)
paris, versailles, london, and windsor!!!!!
i can't wait
plane leaves 5pm tommorow!!!
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so i

all of this nasty suff on the blogs needs to stop
because it's gross and you need to keep your clothes on
so yea

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anna nicole

it's pretty weird that's she's dead
almost right after her son
it'll be strange not hearing about her in the tabloids...
not that i follow them or anything
but it's weird to think about
maybe her family has a curse
like the kennedys
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