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I like to play the reggae i like drum to the sound beat i jam on the rythm of the reggae i love to move to the drumbeat...
yeah.. so i like reggae... indescribable, uncontainable, ... and Christian music.... O Kalapana.... and Hawaiian music... oh wait wouldn't this stuff go in the box below this??
YEah... and i love to go to the beach and hang out with friends... and did i mention going to the beach.. oh yeah.. and singing... but that's only wen i'm by myself...


YEah... reaggae.... Christian Rock... Hawaiian.... i play the gueetar!!!... and i like Danyo Cummings...... oh yeah.. and this amazing band... they're called Born Again yeah.... one of my frwens is in it!!!


I like sooo much movies, like the Grudge, and Finding Nemo, and Veggietales, and yeah, there's a whole lot more, but I wouldn't want to waste the rest of your life. yeah.. that's wat this immature freak wrote wen she hacked my box... mot cul.. that was megan the wangstah....
Oh i like "Then there were none" yeah.. you guys should watch it .. that and the ride...


You guys wanna know the most awesomenest book in the whole entire world is..... The Holy BiBle.... it's awesome and changed my life... in a good way.... if you struggle wit life read this book and all your troubles will go away. so yeah try reading it.... start with the book Luke!!!!! I's awesome!!!!!!!

and Fragments of HAwaiian History.. i guess...

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.... decided to make a i'll talk about my past Lana`i trip... so i went to Lana`i for Papa Beefs funeral and saw all the family... i love them soo much... once my boat landed they were all right there to give me hugs and kisses.... so the day went by and Papa Beefs viewing was all day and i guess everyone got bored and decided to take pictures...

(eft to right: RJ... Aunty Lorna.. Uncle Rocky... and Reese....)

and of course i wasn't there because i was at the baldwin (whom we tied with this past weekend) vs. Lana`i volleyball game which Lana`i won of course.... so i went after the game which was lyk 9 o clock... and hung out with my brother then he left and i was stuck with all the uncles because of course i was the youngest cousin there and all of my cousins were old enough to drink... so my cousin guys start to make trouble to me and we just play around and stuff and my brother goes up on stage to sing... he sings all the HAwaiian classics of course and Crystal Chandaleir by Ka`au Crater Boys because its Papa Beefs fave song.... i like that song too... and the night went on and it was like one in the morning and my brother was still singing so my uncle Randy guys start singing shoo bob soo bob.. and of course i was buss laughing and so was Uncle RIcky... and an hour later evreyone decides to leave... and i say bye to everyone and my cousin who i never see for lyk 3-4 years... and went home... my brother stayed over night to keep Papa Beef company and to stay and spend time with him... so the next day they cleaned up Union Hall and my brother and cousins decided to take the mule's down to Manele and left me with my mom and aunties... and the day went by and i went home... the next day my brother Ricky, my cousins Reese and RJ and Uncle Rocky take Papa Beef on Uncle Rockys boat and take him to Maui to get cremated.. and they fished on the way back... after this weekend i learned some very good lessons... first you shouldn't take life for granted and you should live it to the fullest because you never know when it's going to be over.. and second... never say that you hate your siblings, because once you lose them... you'll regret it... my brother left for college and i didn't see him for almost two years... and i love my brothers now because i realized that i do love them and they do love me....

from the time we were little

they watched over me...

and still to todae....

i'll love them forever and ever... and i'll never regret it... and third it's important to treat everyone like family... no matter what... you just might change someones life.. you never know....

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SO BORED....zzzzzz

Oh my gosh.... i'm so bored!!! I'm sitting in english class and i'm supposed to be writing a essay on front street, but i don't feel lyk it!!!! I'm tired!!!! anywaiz... just wanted to make a blog!!! by the way front street is awsome... last and megan and catelin headed down front street!!! it was lyk 8:00 in the morning and NOTHING was open... so we decided to head back and grab our swimming stuff... then we walked to the hotels and went pool jumping... i didn't even get in the pool and we decided to leave because we didn't wanna get busted... so we went on the beach and got locked out of the hotel... because we didn't have a key... we had to walk around the hotel and go back on front street... then we walked down front street again and we started to walk back... and the stores were open so we went shopping... then Catelin got this crazy iea that we should buy a disposable camera and take random pictures... we each had to take pictures with tourists... so we went down front street again... and we went to burger king and saw this guy that looked like napolean dynamite... so random.... and Catelin took a picture with him... and then we walked back down front street and i took a picture with these tourists and the tourists took a picture of the three of us... so we continued our walk through front street and Megan took a picture with tourists who were up tight and thought they were to good to take pictures with locals... yeah.. then we went to bubba gumps and ate food and drank lava flows... yeah.. then we walked to the hotels again and went swimming in the ocean...and then we went back to Kaiser and then Megan's dad took us to olowalu and we went body boarding for the rest of the week end. by the way it was a three day weekend... and a four day weekend for me!!!! YEah... that's our adventure!!!!!

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this is another special bulletin from Ghandi. I am here to talk to you about the less infamous-Mango.

Well, not many of you know, i'll introduce her to you. she is an eight grader who goes to Kamehameha School. And if you've never heard of that school, i'll tell you about it. It is such a prestigious school, that it only lets HAWAIIANs....yes, you heard me,.......HAWAIIANs, into their schools, and they have to be SMART enough to get in.

I know what ur thinking. How can a girl named "Mango" get into such a prestigious school like that? well, i have the inside scoop. I was snooping around her place last night, and I can across...................
(pick one)

a] a pair of socks
b] crystal meth
c] toothpaste
d] a christmas tree ornament....

the answer........after these messages.

(music) dooo dooo doooooooo dah du dump.....doooo dooooo dooooooooooooooo da du dump........ooooooohhhh ahhhhhhh ooooohh oh oh oh .......oooooohhhhhhooooooooohhhh ooooh oh oh oh...

well, i found..........a pair of socks. nothing special. but let me tell you about her you know the secret to her super long hair??? well, i know for a fact, that she uses fertilizer in her shampoo. well, she's coming. tah tah 4 now.

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