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October 30, 2007

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my interests..., why is it that everyone wants to know what i'm interested in?, what ever happened to the old fashioned way to get to know people, actually walking up to them and talk to them?!, well whatever.., i love to: LIVE FOR GOD, try to surf, body board killer waves, write songs and play my guitar (like a hippie), watch CSI, go to the mall and watch movies, shop, shop, shop, and go to the beach and hang the whole day...after all, this is PARADISE!!!


I like: rock, punk rock, alternative, skater music, pop, and Christian worship songs. I like Olivia, Relient K, Switchfoot, Aly and AJ, uhhh....i'm kinda braindead..wait. lemme think. uh...kelly clarkson, fall out boy, green day(although they're so old), Hot Hot Heat, All-American Rejects, and a whole lot of others.


I like: the movie "the Passion of the Christ" (that's a movie i think everyone should see at least once), "Blue Crush", "Cast Away", "Left Behind" (1 & 2 & 3), "Lay It Down", "Million Dollar Baby", "Rush Hour 1 & 2" (gotta love Jackie Chan!), "The Wedding Planner", "Raising Helen", "Save the Last Dance", and "When a Stranger Calls" (awesome thriller!)...and so much more, but i think i've wasted enough of ur life, especially if you've read this far.


THE BIBLE!!!!...that's it, cuz i don't really like to read much.....anyways, the only book you REALLY need to read is the bible....after all, it's our Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

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well, yea. school's been such a drag lately. i don't really know what i'm doing...or where i'm goin...but i guess none of that matters when u have God on ur side. well, yea. like i sed...i don't really know what i'm gonna do. i'm so confused.

anyways, i'm running for if ur in my school, vote for me!!!! =)

luv ya always, meg
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hey hey

well, just wanted to write a blog...was a little bored. I'm in school right now. BALDWIN HIGH ROCKS!!! yep...i'm a baldwin high baby... =)

well, just wanted to give you a very quick update on my life...

IT SUCKS!!!! heehee..

sucks major. so much problems. AHHH! help me God.

please? =(

well, just wanted to say a hello to all my phusebox fwends.
luv yoo all so much!


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hello everyone...well, i've been having so much dilemmas and just plain DRAMAZ lately....i don't know what to's very hard, just to live life right now. if i've talked to you guyz lately, then you'd know what was going on....but anyways, yeah...just felt like leaving a blog..okay, well, luv yall.

luv yoo always,
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super dooper fun quiz! to all my friends who have crushes (who doesn't)...take this quiz!


luv yoo all!


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I'm supa bored....

well, i'm like totally bored...i'm in my boring technology (E.A.S.T.) class... and i decided to write a blog...

well, school's been such a drag lately. A lot of my friends are mad at eachother, and everything seems to be going wrong. I guess it's just another big "rut" that I'm stuck in...

(cuz i've been housing all this doubt and insecurity...and I've been locked inside that house, while you hold the key, and i've been dying to get out...that might be the death of me, and even though there's no way of knowing where to go, i guess i'm going cuz, I-I gotta get out of here..cuz i'm stuck inside this rut that i fell into by mistake..and I-I gotta get out of here..and i'm begging you...i'm begging you...i'm begging you to BE MY ESCAPE!!!!-be my escape by Relient K)

You see, one of my greatest friends was getting irritated of my other guy friends because he kept following her around...and yeah. so, she decided to hang out with a different group of friends for a little while, just to get some space...and then, my guy friend was really offended cuz yea...anyways, so, i played "PEACEMAKER" and was the "messenger" between them...(bad move)...and just to cut this story short, now we're all mad at eachother, all because of gossip and misunderstanding, and miscommunication and just plain out-bad choices!!! i sucks.

And, one of my other really good friends, who was just recently saved, thank you Jesus, just got a boyfriend! AHHH. and i don't think he's that good for her, but it's not my choice, it's her's. but anyways, i haven't got a chance to talk to her about the whole "true love waits" situation. I really need to talk to her about that. I don't want to see her get hurt the way I did---giving your heart to someone who isn't "the one" and getting your heart broken really bad. for those of you who've experienced that, you knoe what i'm talking about. hurts.

but, you knoe what? You'll always have God by ur side...just trust Him!!! :-)

luv ya'll always,


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