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Questions and a Prayer

Who are you? My soul rages within me to know your face, your name, your very being. Why have you been withheld from me for so long? Why have I not met you, or at least know that you are mine? I have patience in my Lord to bring me to you, but I need a light. I need a beacon from you to tell me I’m on my way to you. But the night is so dark and cold. The rocks pierce the hull of my heart like spears and are ever plentiful. How will I find my way to you? There are false paths that seem so inviting. But I know that their way is treacherous. Surely, my route is lined with peril at every turn on my way to you.


My God, I believe, but help my unbelief. I know she’s out there. But where… who… and when will you reveal her to me? Please my God and my Lord, take this pain from me. This anguish inside of me, only you can quench. Contend for me oh, Lord. My adversary hates me and preys on my weakness. Strengthen my hands for battle that I may fight for her all the days of my life. Raise her up with honor and bless the work of her hands as she tirelessly labors for your kingdom. My Lord, You are worthy. You are mighty in battle, and You are the sovereign Lord of my life. Bring me to her and guide my path. Be my shield and buckler about me, Oh God, as You navigate my way through the waters of uncertainty. Your way is good and Your love is whole. Be glorified in her life as well as mine. Be my life, my love, my joy, my contentment, and then, I will be ready for her. Until then, Blessed Savior, guide me by your merciful hand into fields of serenity surrounded by your grace. Prepare my table and may she sit beside me when you have filled my cup. Help me to serve her as You have served me, with Your life. Allow my shallow attempt at love echo all the more of You.


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Christians' Haircut

Have you ever been faced with something that you know that you need to do, but you just didn't want to/didn't have to the time to do it? Take me for example. I need desperately to cut my hair. Have I? Am I before I get home? Of course not. But why? Well, I'm in Maui, where it doesn't really matter what my hair looks like. I've got nobody to impress out here. Would it look better shorter than it is in its ballistic, out-of-control state that it presently resides? Sure it would. But I just don't have to time, or the inclination to do so at the present.


Sometimes I wonder if that's the case with our spiritual walks. Is it that we are in a place of comfort that says, "It doesn't matter what it looks like?" Or, even, "It doesn't look the best, but it sure does look better than his/hers, therefore, its ok. Don't worry about it." Is the apathy of our culture deafening the outcry of the Cross? Are we in a place when we say, "I'll do it later"? Have we come to the marketplace of ideas trying to pawn off our sacred, absolute truth for some other trinket of far lesser value (if it holds any at all)? I think that a lot of us have. Including myself. Shall we heed the battle cry of the Cross demanding us forward inch by inch into all of the world, making disciples of all men? OR, will we instead sit on our blessed assurance waiting for someone else to charge into the fray? There are absolute truths in this world, and we have the greatest of them all. Jesus loves you, died for you, and wants to take your soul and renew you with His righteousness. And yet we feel that we must incorporate other thoughts and ideas in order to be "Culturally relevant."


I say that we stand on the firm foundation of Calvary, realizing that the blood laid down that day on a cursed tree, has given us the right to stand up in love and to proclaim the truths of the Word of God. There is but one name by which all men shall be saved, the name of JESUS CHRIST. And it is by that name that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that HE is Lord. There is only one way to get to heaven, and that is not of our own doing, but instead by the undeniably single greatest act of love in the history of world. That the creator would reconcile the creation to Himself by sending His Son on the cross to die for our putrid souls, and upon the acknowledgement of His lordship leave His Spirit to dwell inside of us earthen vessels.


If we should long to find truth, If we should yearn to have understanding of the things not of this world, If we should desire to make our lives count for something far greater than just a "good life", we must acknowledge the one who created it all and seek His face. That is the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has never failed me yet, nor shall he ever. To Him be all praise, honor, and glory forever, Amen.


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Finally in Maui.....

Aloha from the beautiful Valley Isle,

Well, I finally made it into Maui yesterday. What a trip! Let me tell you what happened….. (read it all to get the full story of God’s glory)

So, the night before I was supposed to fly to Maui, I decide to stay up instead of going to bed. I figured that I’d have plenty of time to sleep on the plane. Man, would I regret that one.
We left Glorieta at 4:30am so that Anson and Van Michael could get to the airport in Albuquerque by 6:30. That’s when it all started.

As I’m sure all of you know, the British police were able to catch some idiots tryin to blow up a plane going to New York. Well, I had not been so fortunate to hear about such and occurrence. So I had no clue that I couldn’t carry on anything that was a liquid. So, I got to security and had to throw away all of my toothpaste, cologne, hair spray, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shaving cream, and even my guitar polish (I was checking my guitar at the gate). But you know, I just figured that it was a small price to pay to ensure my freedom and personal well being.

So I sat there and waited for my 8:40 flight to Phoenix and just played around on my guitar while I was waiting. I boarded my flight to Phoenix with no problems and arrive there in much the same way.

As I’m waiting for my 10:20 flight, I pull out my guitar again and start to jam. By this time, I’ve been playing all through the night as well as waiting on my flights, so I’ve played about 6 hours collectively all ready.

I get on the plane and fall fast asleep only to be awakened 4 hours later when we were landing. Wait a minute. It should’ve taken 6 hours to get to Maui, not 4. So I take a look out of the window and guess where I’m at… Phoenix!!! WHAT THE FAT?
Apparently, the hydraulic pump in the left wing had gone out over the Pacific Ocean and we had to turn back. We made a no flaps landing and the emergency crews were all waiting on the runway to “help us out” if need be. Isn’t that reassuring…. If we combust into flames, at least there’s a fire truck sitting there already. They tow us to the gate and we are told that they will be sending another flight out at 9pm or that we can stay at a hotel that they’ll put us up at and fly out the next morning.

I figure, “I’ll wait it out.” So what am I supposed to do now? Well, I pull out my guitar one more time. I play for about 3 1/2 hours during my wait, and so that puts me well over 10 hours for the day. MY FINGERS WERE KILLING ME!!!

I get on the plane again, only to find out that after sitting there for an hour and a half waiting for the pilot to show up, that the Auxiliary Power Unit fails after we have taxied down the runway. We have to turn back now and go back to the gate before even taking off. So they put us up in a hotel and I catch the next flight in the morning.

I TOLD YOU ALL OF THAT SO THAT I COULD TELL YOU THIS! Because we were delayed, Gary and I went with his daughter Courtney to the beach on Friday instead of Thursday. Well guess what… We ended up talking to a girl that was 21 years old and homeless about Jesus. And she ended up accepting Christ.

Isn’t it rockin how God would inconvenience an entire plane full of passengers just so that he could position His children in the places that He would want them to do ministry?

Because we were so late, Violette heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and her decision to make him Lord of her life forever changed her destination for eternity. Now, she is going to be able to get hooked up with the church, and it looks as if we are going to be able to help here get into some housing.

To God be the Glory, great things He has done.

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i didn't really know what to post, i just felt like posting. u know, everybody loves to read those. i'm sorry to waste your time. i just felt like releasing something, even if it was o so little. like the title says, i'm just rambling. i think that the jet lag has really began to set in today. so i'm gonna head to bed in the next few minutes. unless someone decides to call or something first. then i'll probably stay up. who knows cuz i sure don't. neway, i'm out like a fat kid in dodge ball.


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pics not yet done

so, i started to put some pics up and decided that i was insanely tired.... so i'll put the rest up later


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