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April 27, 2007

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I love the Lord. I attempt to seek His will for life everyday and through this process I learn and achieve bits of wisdom that God has so graciously given. I am a Young Life leader in Murfreesboro at Oakland HS. GO PATS! I enjoy learning about new cultures and being thrown amongst a crowd of strangers. I am also pursuing an acting career...where that will take me, only God knows...and, I am thrilled to see where He leads me.


All kinds...from Jamie Cullum to Maroon 5. Favorites are Frank Sinatra, Charlie Murphy, Steve Sudduth, Leslie Dudney, Ryan Horne, Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes, Andy Davis, EchosFlow, De Novo Dahl, Blue Merle, Will Hoge, Brandon Heath...there



bible, The Ragamuffin Gospel, Wild at Heart, Boy Meets Girl (though, I may not agree w/ all that is said), and Waking the Dead...but, just to make it clear, I don't read that much.

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too much time has passed... was been a while since my last posting but all is not lost...

I would love to update you all on my experience in East Asia, but we all know that could take a while and it was been some time since I have been back.  But, just for you to was great and I made great friends.  I have an unexpected urge to go back in, that might just happen.  God's not done w/ me over there, and I feel too strong of a connection to one particular person to just ignore the urge to be over there.  So...there you have it. 

Recently, everything has been really good...really different...and altering, but good.  I've been bogged down with responsibilities and new experiences this semester, but what's new?!  This semester will most likely be my last as a Young Life leader here in M'boro.  Which is totally cool, and completely a thought/prayer invested decision. 

I am totally ready to be in New York for the summer, I need to mail my reference forms to NAMB, so I can working on everything else.  Since, I am most likely going back to East Asia...I will need to write a 2 in 1 support letter.  I hate asking for money, but if that's what it takes to get me to places and place full dependency in God...well, then I'll just have to ask. 

I don't know if I mentioned on Phusebox the record label that my friend and I began last semester...but its called EQV Records, and we have two artists.  Caroline Sanderson and Andrew can check them out on myspace.  Anyway...thats going really well.  We are finishing Caroline's album currently and working on her actual website as well as album artwork.  Crazy...

And, on top of friends, Zach and Olivia...and myself had a meeting with a lady that owns a building right off of the 'boro square...and she wants to turn in into a music venue w/ our help.  Right on...!!!, now we are in the process of seeing where we would receive the funds to do so...MTSU, M'boro, individuals, and organizations, etc. 

So...I'm doing all of that...and school...which our venue, Empty, that we proposed to administration last year...had its first show last Friday, and went splendidly!  We had 70 folks show up for Sean McConnell, Karg Boys and Caroline Sanderson at the KUC.  Heck yea...anyway...for all of you that are interested, I'm in a theatre performance...called Bleacher Bums, dates are April 2, 3, and 4th...come on out to MTSU Tucker Studio Theatre...and enjoy.  Peace, Love, and PHUSEBOX...

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All of us who are going to East Asia for Christmas were commissioned tonite...and it was pretty much to most amazing thing that I have experienced in a long time. The power of all those college students praying at once was astounding. When everyone began to pray w/ hands placed on our backs or shoulders, I attempted to pray but my thoughts and prayers were clouded w/ the many other voices being lifted to God. I began to just listen...and hear God through all of those voices. Its beautiful to know that their are so many people that love us and support us...I felt the power through the hands placed on me. It was deep stuff, yo. I love life...I love Truth...and I love the opportunities God has placed in my life.
I\'ve had some minor issues this past month w/ school, Young Life, AO, family...etc. And...communication is such a vital aspect of life. Especially, open and honest communication. My education is equipping me soo well...and I\'m freakin\' excited about putting everything I have learned into practice outside of Murfreesboro and my typical life here. Such as...going to NY...and possibly having a job w/ the comm dept for YL when I graduate...East Asia...anything. Okay...well, I\'ve rambled enough. I have nothing else to do b/c I am sitting at the Corlew desk...\"working\"...and not doing homework which I should be doing. Oh boy...I\'m gonna be freakin\' overwhelmed this weekend and next week. Goo...
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So...remember that time my roommate got on my phusebox account and wrote a blog on my behalf. Man...that was awesome. What Seth forgot was that we had talked about taking 10 dollars out of the check that he owed me. So...really Seth should feel convicted. But, its okay b/c I love me roommates. They are all weird in their very own way!
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A not nice thing that I have done

I feel like a complete jerk guys. I was supposed to pay Seth $10.15 on monday for water bill. He had a sign up for like a week and a half on the kitchen table and I didn\'t even bother to pay him. I have completely failed at my job of being an honest, hardworking friend. I have a photo of me juming in the air that looks like this:


Except right now, it\'s strange, I don\'t feel like jumping in a field of flowers. I feel much rather like this photo here:


This is a picture taken of me when I was sad, like right now. I am so sad that I have not given Seth the money that he deserves. He\'s so good looking too. It\'s too bad I don\'t hook him up with all of my girlfriends. You all should go to his page here and give him the sypathy that i do not feel yet.

Oh well.... At least I can talk about it here on phusebox, openly without too many convictions. I know Christ forgives me, but I hope that Seth can too forgive me.

i\'m crying little raindrops.

i like emo music a alot.

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