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November 30, 2006

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Another SNL moment

So here is a pic from the other night when we sat out for SNL tickets!  Oh yeah that is definitely Horatio between Susan and Kim.  There are some more pics on my friend Kim's (kimkmcil) site.  It was so much fun.  I didn't get to talk to Andy Samberg, but those days are soon to come.  Him and Seth Meyers did wave at us as they got a cab though.  I am thinking about maybe dumping John Mayer for Andy.  And for those of you who know me that is HUGE! 

There are also some pics of our new friends playing twister...quite a sight I must say. 

Anyone up for a trip to New York?  There is always something to do.  By the way, in case I haven't mentioned this in a while, I love New York and I love my job!

photo from kimkmcil
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God and Prince

Tonight I saw my kindergarten boyfriend Prince perform at the dress rehearsel of SNL!  It was so awesome!  Steve Martin was the host and there was a special appearance from Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon!  We sat out for 13 hours Friday night and had the best time.  The weather was perfect and couldn't have been better. 

Cool thing about it was the friends we made.  Yes they are all theater majors, and they kept us entertained with their dance routines and Twister challenges and their drama!!! 

I love New York city and I am so blessed to be a part of what God is doing here.  Words can't describe how I feel about what God is doing in my life right now.

My God, How Great Thou Art...
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fo' shizzle

well my friends, fellow bloggers.  most of ya'll know me.  i am typically a country music fan and lover of the pop music.  however, i have just broaden my horizons.  now, i am obsessed with r&b and rap music.  it truly speaks to the soul that is within me.  i mean i have come to love everything from outkast (even as far back as ALiens, Luda, youngbloods, Jay-Z (the black album was amazing), and the throwbacks with the likes of run dmc, and ladies love cool james (llcoolj for those of who aren't in the know).

rap is new boo jam.

holla back
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brett is soooo cool

hey world.

just wanted everyone on the information superhighway to know that brett younker moved to new york city yesterday.  he is sooooo cool.  can't believe that he is finally here.  i mean, he is no john mayer or gavin degraw, but he is soooo cool.

g2g my peeps.  holla.


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Another song about Maria

So last night my lovely friend Lacy Evans told me about this song by Chris Cagle titled \"Maria\".

I wanted to share the chorus with you...

this made me laugh out loud...

hopefully one day soon this will be true...


Your kisses knock me over

Make me drunk and then leave me sober

They let me know that I\'m a man


Your touch, it almost kills me

Then it turns around and heals me

I get lost and found again

In the arms of a woman that a mother gave the name Maria

Tender power

The gift she gives me gets me through the day

Midnight hour

I reach across the bed where she lay

Then I look up and see the moon dance on her skin

My heart starts poundin\' once again

It\'s a sweet intoxication, a powerful frustration

How I want her, oh how I need her

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